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Monday , December 24 , 2012
Since 1st March, 1999
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This PYT braved the winter chill to party in the on-trend hot pink mini dress which she paired with strappy heels and fur jacket. Who said being stylish was easy?

Feel the Absolut Pulse partnered by t2 saw Calcutta’s first Silent Noise Party at The Park’s garage on Friday night. Described as “India’s original headphone party”, the concept first evolved in Goa’s Palolem as a way to work around the “ban on amplified noise” in 2006. “We came up with this concept where the music would only be transmitted to headphones. That way you don’t disturb anyone and you can tune into the music you like, at the volume you like,” said Janie ’ Connor, co-founder, Silent Noise.

On Friday night there were two DJ teams — The Park’s gang of V Society, Rudra, Joy, Hussain and Kabir were marked by the red console, while for DJ Amit and Bob, from the sponsor’s side, it was the blue console. “It makes DJs play better as they have to compete for the audience’s attention,” commented Martin Robins, one of the technicians behind Silent Noise.

And boy was he right! While team red saw hardcore electronic music with techno classics like Unclear Machines and Flutes Sasha remix, the blue team stuck to more commercial tracks like David Guetta’s I Want To Make You Sweat and Bolly tracks like Tumhi ho bandhu.

“I love it. I love the concept and the grungy garage ambience. You can switch the music if you’re bored by one and it’s far from the madding crowd,” smiled Payal Trivedi who was partying with her friends at The Park.

Looks like the Friday night DJs really did get us falling in love with partying again. Silently.