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CIMA Gallary
ĎOur responsibility to protest, to actí

As a human being it is my responsibility to protest against such crimes (What prompted you to be a part of the protest march on Saturday?, December 23). If we donít stand up against them, such crimes would recur. The moment I learnt about the protest march through Facebook, I decided to join it. I had to, to demand justice.

Kuntal Sikder


This was my first protest and nothing could stop me as I want justice for the victim and for every girl. My parents were initially hesitant but I convinced them that the protest was for each and every girl.

Aqsa Mushtaque
Class XII


The first time I heard about the Delhi rape, I was in tears. It hit me hard. I called up a few friends, met them and started planning. We created a Facebook page and got in touch with others who had done the same. The march was just the beginning. We will not rest until action is taken. I am proud to have been part of the the march and proud of the overwhelming response. Our quest for justice will continue.

Md Khizer Aqab Hossain
St. Thomas College of Engineering and Technology , 1st year


Not just a body to be used A veil on my face, no penny for my thoughts. I’m stripped of my honour, got nowhere to go. You look down upon me, you question my morals. I lie in the dark alleys, I scream for help I want my cries to be heard A hand to my aid I lie in pain, I struggle to breathe I’m fighting for my life Though there’s no point why I want to be valued, not to be abused. I’m more than that, not just a body to be used.

Sayari Debnath
Student, DPS Ruby Park


I am 24 years old and if I wasnít a part of this protest march, then some years down the line my daughter could have questioned me. This march was not only for the sister who was brutally raped but also for womanhood. We canít keep ignoring the cries anymore if we want to respect ourselves.

Anindita Bose
Verbal Faculty, The Princeton Review


I couldnít join the protest march on Park Street as I was not aware of it but I joined another rally, although smaller in scale, organised by the students and teachers of Srischandra College. I was at the Gariahat crossing when I noticed a group of people with placards approaching from Dhakuria. I joined them, walking silently and praying for the victimís recovery, justice for her and punishment for those animals who can commit such a heinous crime. I walked, my heart filled with rage and anxiety on behalf of all mothers and sisters and wives and daughters.

Pritha Kundu


Candlelight rally

ice action on agitators demanding justice for the Delhi rape victim at India Gate. Nearly 50 people took part in the candlelight rally from Bangur Avenue to City Centre Salt Lake.


(Parambrata Chattopadhyay)

Heartfelt support for the people who are protesting and taking to the streets risking police brutality... My salute goes out to them. Meanwhile was thinking, as long as Indian mainstream films keep projecting women as mere pounds of flesh to be ‘devoured’ along with alcohol, and men only as entity of coarse machismo, the mindset from where rape germinates will not change..


June, a member of the state’s women’s commission and mother of a 16-year-old girl

This incident is so sensitive and touchy at the moment that people have turned emotional and we need to respect public sentiment because this has been going on for long. The various acts that have been passed should be enforced. We also need fast-track courts. The law needs to be stringent to instil fear and make one think many times before he attempts to harass a woman in any way. Everyone needs to make it their responsibility to stop and act if ever they spot a girl being harassed.

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