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Negative to positive, all by mirrors
FENG SHUI- Manisha Koushik

Feng Shui influences your life mainly with two forces Sha and Chi. The kind of energy you get from tarin is known as Sha, which is rough and rigid in practice such as a building. But, Chi is all about fresh and exuberant energy that you get to find in a running stream. It is required for letting things expand. It has got the healing powers in it.

If you delve into the practice of Feng Shui, you will find that it is all about the conversion of Sha into Chi. And, there is no better way to do it than concentrating upon mirrors. This is because of the fact that the mirrors possess the power of magnifying positive Chi or cosmic breath in order to bring stagnant Chi into motion. Additionally, they are best used to annul Sha among humans.

Perfect cure could be obtained through various Feng Shui mirrors that have been prescribed depending upon the nature of problem you experience.

For instance, you find that Bagua mirror is the most effective of all that is used to obtain timely solutions against any kind of problem you are facing. Deviating harmful effects and negative entities such as lethal spirits is one of the best features of these mirrors. Basically, the mirror composes of eight trigrams corresponding to I-Ching. All these are based on the sequence of heaven. Implementing the process of where and when to use various kinds of mirrors holds the key.

Bagua mirror, too, can be used for positive effects. Enhancing the Chi of your home is the main reason to use it. Actually, the mirror comprises of vintage Tibetan signs that are known for fetching solace. Ample quantities of mirror are useful for your progress in life, besides safeguarding your home from evil spirits. It is known to bring in positive luck besides keeping Sha or bad energy at bay. Each of the eight sides of the mirror represents eight important instances of life such as: marriage, fame, wealth, family, career, new knowledge, helpful people and children.

You can place these mirrors in ideal regions of your home such as the top end at the entrance way or the area where you usually work. This is necessary to thwart negative energy and keep you upbeat with the availability of maximum positive energy levels. Imagine a situation during which a neighbour of yours is bothering a lot. You can set right the situation with the positioning of a mirror that keeps your neighbour at bay. Considering a Bagua mirror for this purpose is indeed the way to get rid of such problems. However, you should not undermine the effects of other normal mirrors as well.

(Manisha Koushik is a tarot card reader, numerologist and Vastu Feng consultant. She can be contacted at