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Winter has arrived, and the shawls and cardigans have been dug out from the trunks, dry-cleaned and are ready for use. The shawl has for long been the favoured means of fighting chilly winters in India. The Kashmiri shawl, the most popular, comes in two styles. Loom woven or Kani, which is created by manipulation of tiny wooden sticks called tujis, and needle embroidered or Sozni. The two most famous shawls are Pashmina and Shahtoosh. Pashmina shawls are made from the wool of the Changthangi goat, and the Shahtoosh is made from the wool of Tibetan antelope or the Chiru. Unfortunately, a high demand for this variety has led to indiscriminate killing of the species. The Chiru have been now declared endangered and the government has banned trade of Shahtoosh shawls.


1. After red, which is the second most commonly used colour on the national flags of countries in the world?

Madhura Basu, Calcutta

2. Which is India's first express train to have a Ladies Only car?

Sourish Dutta, Calcutta

3. Administrative systems use eight patterns of what worldwide to identify people?

Manish Lama, Guwahati

4. Which comic book character was known as Readymix and Magigimmix in translations?

Arijit Guha, Calcutta

5. Which type of animal constitutes around 90 per cent of all animals used in laboratory testing?

Hrishit Chakrabarty, Calcutta

6. Which Unesco World Heritage Site was built as the palace fort of Shahjahanabad?

Bratadeep Saha, Ranchi

7. With what object would one associate the Frozen Series, Decimal series and Aluminium Series?

Nirmalya Sen, Calcutta

8. Which city has an airport named after Marco Polo?

Niharika Pandey, Ranchi

9. What is the name of the charity organisation, which provides free corrective surgery for children with cleft lip and palate in about 80 developing countries?

Rohit Das, Calcutta


The Do Shalla was made famous by Emperor Akbar. He introduced the fashion of wearing shawls in duplicate, stitched back to back, so that the under surfaces were not visible. Thus, they are always sold in pairs.


Which king's official seal bore the words Akal Sahai, meaning 'may god help'?

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Quiz published on 2.12.12

Rohit Das, Calcutta

Which organisation won a record number of US patents in 2011, its 19th straight year on top

The Answer is: IBM

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Identify this businessman


1. Identify this actor



2. Identify this Nobel laureate




1. White
2. Deccan Queen
3. Fingerprints
4. Getafix
5. Mice/Rats
6. Red Fort Complex in Delhi
7. Coins
8. Venice
9. Smile Train

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