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They party

She calls herself a rule-breaker. And Pinky Kenworthy does stand out with her eclectic fashion. A t2 chat…

You definitely have your own way of dressing up. You must be getting a lot of compliments...

Lots! The compliments I get are, ‘How did you get that look? That’s interesting!’

How consciously do you dress differently?

(Laughs) My wardrobe is usually very chaotic and I usually cannot find anything! So, if I can pull an arm or a leg of something, then I work around it. Since I am not into matching at all, it is easy. I can somehow make it work. I think may be it happens because I am creative. If it is clashing, then it is better for me!

The first thought is what shoes am I going to wear. Then I work around whatever I get. When I am happy with whatever I have worn, the make-up comes in. I don’t like wearing too much make-up.

How would you describe your style?

I don’t have a name for it. I experiment a lot and I like to break the monotony of the way things are supposed to be. That is also due to the fact that I have been modelling since 16. Even as a kid, I was always interested in fashion. I think my mom had a very good eye for fashion. I always wore very unconventional clothes, like pinafores with neon green or hot pink satin Converse shoes! The fashion industry was a different world for me. That’s when I discovered the whole matching thing. My favourite shows used to be the student shows.

Since I quit modelling, I started to experiment a lot more. It is about putting the whole look together, like how you are doing your hair. I don’t like hats and caps. Hairbands are a favourite. I have poker-straight hair but I just scrunch it. That gives it more body.

Confession time: how many closets do you have?

Two-and-a-half! I don’t even know what’s where. I love buying lots of denims in different shapes and sizes… flared, parallel, skin-tight. I also love jumpsuits. If I can find the leg of a jumpsuit, I am sorted (laughs). I don’t repeat clothes because I get bored. That’s why I don’t buy expensive clothes. If there are certain elements that I don’t like about an outfit, I dye, cut or remove.

One whole cupboard is only for shoes.... How many pairs do you own?

I have no idea! I have never counted. It is a fetish almost, with shoes... I love them more than anything else. My dad was in the Sikh regiment and we used to go to the gurdwaras. I used to look at the shoes and whatever I fancied, irrespective of the size, I used to wear them and go home! (Laughs) Every birthday, it was either shoes or books for me as gifts. My dad’s joke till date is how many pairs have I bought recently... he wants a weekly update! There is no limit to the amount of money I can spend on shoes. My Vivienne Westwood pair cost me Rs 21,000. It did not pinch me! My favourites are my Vivienne Westwoods, a pair of black wedges and the Dr. Martens.

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