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Thursday , December 13 , 2012
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A baby girl to beat all 12-12-12 births

- C-sections shoot up in city hospitals on special day

It took a baby girl born in a Calcutta hospital to steal Rajinikanth’s thunder on his special birthday.

Physiotherapist Tahmina Amin’s newborn daughter arrived by C-section at Woodlands at the stroke of 12 hours, 12 minutes and 12 seconds on 12-12-12. Now that’s a tough one to replicate even if birthday boy Rajini were to be reborn, never mind the rumour that he had February 30 removed from the calendar because that’s his real birthday!

“We had scheduled the Caesarean at 12pm but can’t claim credit for the minutes and seconds. That was probably the baby’s luck,” said Ranjit Chakraborti, the head of obstetrics and gynaecology at Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital.

“You can’t really control these things because surgeries are scheduled one after the other and you have only the extra time required to prepare the mother-to-be,” added the doctor, who scalpel-ed his way through 11 Caesarean sections on Wednesday, almost four times more than a regular day at the operating theatre.

Tahmina and Nurul Amin are, of course, overjoyed at this happy coincidence of their darling daughter being born at 12:12:12 on 12-12-12. Numerology calls it special too.

According to celebrity numerologist Sanjay B. Jumaani, the combination 12-12-12 is special because in numerology 12 is 3, which is Jupiter, not only the largest planet but also the one representing wealth. “Number 3 people are usually very ambitious, forceful and determined. They are hardly satisfied with ‘ordinary’ or ‘subordinate’ positions and aim to rise in the world, to have control and authority over others,” Jumaani told Metro.

The numerologist pointed to superstar Rajinikanth’s enduring popularity — he was born on December 12, 1950 — as an example of the power of the number 12.

Tolly actor Jeet, who has enjoyed success without the perceived numerical and planetary strengths of the birthday 12-12, was nevertheless delighted that he and wife Mohna too had become 12-12-12 parents. He announced his fatherhood on Twitter: “Hi friends, good news to share... mohna has given birth to a baby girl... Me d father of an angel now :).. Seek ur big time blessings! :)”

For Nurul, the special birth certificate that his daughter will flaunt is a bonus.

“The estimated date of delivery was sometime in the first week of January. But after an USG last week, the doctor fixed December 12 as the date. Initially, we did not understand the significance of 12-12-12 but were very excited once we did,” he said. “After all, 12-12-12 is not going to come back for a hundred years!”

The couple from Park Circus thinks their little girl is special for another reason that, although deeply personal, they readily shared with Metro. The family is still mourning the demise of Nurul’s mother two months ago and Tahmina giving birth to a daughter is like feeling her presence in person once again.

Tahmina’s girl was among the 12 babies born at Woodlands on Wednesday. At Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre, the number of births on this rare date was 11, twice the normal figure.

While Tahmina and Nurul did not “choose the date”, Piyali and Sumit Pal from Krishnagar did. When their gynaecologist at Belle Vue Clinic, Sudhir Adhikary, suggested December 10 for a C-section, the couple enquired if it was possible to postpone it by two days. The Pals were delighted when the doctor gave his consent and the OT schedule for the day matched their requirement, which was that the Caesarean would be completed at dawn, well before the advent of amavasya (new moon day).

“There would have been many more C-sections today had it not been for amavasya. Many mothers who wanted to bring their babies on December 12 backed out at the last moment,” said fertility specialist Gautam Khastgir.

Astrologer Kusum Bhandari said amavasya was a “fine day” that signified a new beginning despite many considering it inauspicious for birth.

Doctors said it was okay to do planned C-sections on such dates as long as it did not put a mother and child at risk. “While there is no harm in giving in to the wishes of parents regarding so-called special dates, a planned delivery should be only after 37 weeks of pregnancy,” gynaecologist Chakraborti said.