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Friday , December 7 , 2012
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Do you find yourself helplessly humming “You’re my Pumpkin Pumpkin, hello Honey Bunny” after every ad break? Has this crazy line invariably made it to your BBM, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp updates? Do you keep an eye and a ear out for the commercial even though you really don’t want to?

Pumpkin and Honey Bunny have bitten into a sizeable chunk of our mindspace with the jingle of the new Idea ad going viral and dislodging Himesh Reshammiya’s nasal compositions for Khiladi 786 as earworm.

The 30-seconder, in which people across the length and breadth of the country are bound together by the same jingle to signify a unified mobile phone network, elicits top-of-mind recall, largely on account of the catchy words, most of which make little sense.

“We wanted to communicate that Idea is strong nationwide and for that we had to create a catchy song that would become the ringtone of a traveller. The idea was that wherever he went, the song would become everyone else’s ringtone because it was so catchy,” said Arun Iyer, national creative director, Lowe Lintas, whose team has worked on the ad.

Composed by Bolly music man Amit Trivedi and written by his long-time partner Amitabh Bhattacharya, Honey Bunny is not only a major talking point, but has also kept YouTube busy, registering close to five lakh hits in just five days.

“The germ of the jingle emerged out of a jam session in which the entire creative team was present with Amit and Amitabh. It took about five days to finish the jingle. We tried out various options, but we were very clear that if in the film we are showing that people are latching on to a track, then it had to be a song that was really, really catchy or otherwise our message would seem very fake. It had to be a track which even the viewer would get hooked to and hum helplessly,” said Iyer.

For most of you who know your movies, the Pulp Fiction connect is unmissable — Tim Roth was called ‘Pumpkin’ and Amanda Plummer ‘Honey Bunny’ in the Quentin Tarantino-directed classic.

“Honey Bunny came from the agency and Amitabh came up with Pumpkin, but to be honest, the Pulp Fictioangle only surfaced in our minds much later. It was actually quite a coincidence,” said Iyer.

Even as the ad goes viral, Honey Bunny and Pumpkin are set to debut in Calcutta nightclubs. DJ Akash has introduced the catchy tune on his console and is confident that the city’s dancing feet will soon sway to it. “Jingles like Kya aap Close-Up karte hain, the Pepsi jingle Oye bubbly and Airtel’s Jo tera hai woh mera hai have done well on the dance floor. I have decided to play Honey Bunny now because the tune is very catchy and the video is very sweetly picturised. The tune and the lyrics have a universal appeal — from a toddler to an 80-year-old,” said Akash.

Pumpkin on, Honey Bunny!