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Her first on-screen kiss...

It was with Jeet in Kranti (2002)!

I was one of the first commercial heroines to do such a scene. I still remember when we shot for it. Oh My God! The entire team prepared for a day for that one scene! The unit guys ran around saying we were shooting a bed scene! Imagine a smooch sequence was taken for a bed scene! The director (Riingo) ordered everyone out of the room and, of course, we were stiff and nervous!

Who she plays in Tabe Tai Hok, which released on Friday...

Tilottama is a complex, convoluted woman undergoing psychiatric treatment. She marries Joy (Sengupta) but doesn’t consummate their relationship till one day when she suddenly changes her mind! She is wildly in love with Samadarshi who used to be her friend before she got married.

What it takes to shoot a smooch...

I think, nowadays, not only are the actors/actresses comfortable doing smooching scenes, but the entire unit — from technicians to spot boys — is comfortable.

Shooting for a smooch scene now, for me, is like doing any other scene. The entire unit is present and is busy with the technicalities, so are the actors. I insist on a rehearsal before the take so that there are less retakes. I did rehearsals with Joy too and Samadarshi is so young, I almost scolded him to smooch properly!

Watch out for more lip job from Swastika in

Mainak Bhaumik’s Maach Mishti & More where she has kissed Shauvik.

Abhijit Dasgupta’s Aashbo Ar Ekdin where she has a smooch with Abir Chatterjee.

Mainak’s Aami Aar Amaar Girlfriends where she kisses Anubrata.

Subrata Sen’s Nondinii where she does much more than just smooch Dibyendu!