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ANVC-B warns of ‘Garo traps’

Shillong, Nov. 29: The ANVC (B) today said “typical Garo traps” await those politicians who campaign for the 2013 Assembly elections with security cover, the warning coming a day after the state government issued a virtual travel advisory to VIPs who visit the Garo hills region.

The region, comprising five districts, has 24 seats in the 60-seat Assembly.

“Politicians will feel the sting of typical Garo traps if they campaign with security. In Garo hills, people are insecure and there is a protest against police atrocities which remain unattended to whereas politicians are busy securing themselves,” the breakaway faction of the A’chik National Volunteer Council said in a statement today.

The group, led by Rimpu N. Marak, said: “We will not allow politicians to enter with security in areas where people are not happy with police presence. The ANVC (B) will stand against anyone who is against the interests of the people.”

The group, however, stated that there is no threat to “genuine leaders” who are striving to raise their voices against rich and powerful politicians.

“But for those who focus only on face-selling and empty-promise campaigns with the intention to buy votes, it is advisable that they stay at home instead of not returning home at all,” it warned.

The group did not declare the names of those who are “genuine leaders” and those who rely on “face selling” and “empty promises” to enter the Assembly.

“Failing to respect the general sentiments of the people will be a politician’s call for consequences. It is up to the politicians to be or not to be with the public,” the ANVC (B) stated.

It also urged people to choose “genuine” leaders to represent the “Garo areas”.

“As for the aspiring candidates, make public your intentions and manifestos through the media. Let the people choose,” the group said, adding that it would support “free and fair elections”.

Yesterday, chief minister Mukul Sangma advised politicians and other VIPs to inform their respective district administrations about their movements in Garo hills and cautioned them from travelling without proper security cover.

The advisory came following an attack on former deputy chief minister Deborah C. Marak by alleged ANVC (B) militants on Saturday at Rongbinggre village in East Garo Hills.