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Sunday , November 25 , 2012
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Cosmetic cures

I am a 21-year-old woman. Recently I spotted a number of grey hair on my head. It is a hereditary problem and at my age, my mother too faced the same problem. My dermatologist said that there is no remedy for this. Please suggest something to tackle this as it is giving me sleepless nights.


Going grey is inevitable, but some of us are genetically predisposed to go grey much earlier than others, even in late teens and early 20s. Also, a diet lacking in the very essential Vitamin B, depleted by stress, has been found to accelerate greying of hair. Seek professional advice and step up your intake of Vitamin B to counter this problem.

Today, we are really blessed with so many beauty products to tackle hair and skin problems. So, with a whole lot of safe hair dyes available in the market you no longer have to be stuck with untimely grey hair. Women these days do not wait until they see their first grey hair to consider colouring their hair.

I would advice you to start by colouring your hair with a semi-permanent colour which is a gentler permanent dye that penetrates the hair shaft and stains the cuticle without peroxide or ammonia. The colour fades with every shampoo, meaning roots aren’t as noticeable. This lasts from six to eight weeks. All the best!