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Saturday , November 24 , 2012
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ANVC-B claims brownie points

Shillong, Nov. 23: ANVC (B), the breakaway faction of the A’chik National Volunteer Council (ANVC), today claimed that Meghalaya chief minister Mukul Sangma received all the credit on most of the infrastructure development in the Garo hills region, which was initiated by the two groups.

“Having a Garo chief minister proved nothing to the Garos. Most of the development made during Mukul Sangma’s tenure was actually the initiative of the two organisations,” ANVC (B) chairman Rimpu N. Marak claimed in a statement.

Marak said the Centre and state government had “approved and sanctioned” the charter of demands placed by the two outfits. He said some of these include the creation of new districts and the reopening of border haats along the Indo-Bangla border, “of which some funds actually disappeared”.

“The chief minister received all the credit, but he did not adhere to our demands, which led to the rise of unwanted situations in Garo hills,” Marak said.

The ANVC (B) chairman said his group would not disturb the Assembly polls scheduled to be held in February-March next year.

“ANVC (B) will not disturb the upcoming elections. We are looking forward to the elections as we hope to see a change. This time, people are more conscious and cautious of the aspiring candidates and I believe their manifestos have to be well drafted. But making false promises, including distribution of money, will not be entertained,” Marak said. Further, he claimed that he is being hunted down. “Now the hunt is on to arrest and eliminate me, where officers have been promised rewards and promotions,” he stated.

“If this is the methodology the government wants to adapt, then Meghalaya is heading for a division. My movement was aimed at a peaceful negotiation and solution, but if the state thinks that killing is the solution then retaliation will affect all sections of the society and all government servants,” Marak warned.

However, he added that the group was not against the Centre, state, Khasis or Jaintias. “We are for justice and against the irresponsible leaders of Garo hills and we want a peaceful process which is acceptable to the Garos,” he added.