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Memory for apps

q+a I own a Galaxy Y Duos, which runs Android 2.3.6. Is there any way to expand its internal memory as it is very low? After installing a few apps it says ‘memory full’.

Bishwadeep Joardar

You should save all your apps on the external memory. Your phone supports up to 32 GB in the microSD card. The internal phone memory is not enough for your apps and photos to fit. It is largely used by the operating system and just 160 MB is available to the user.

Windows bug

q+a I am using a HCL ME laptop with Windows 7 Enterprise edition. Windows Explorer keeps crashing, asking me to restart the application or to check online for a solution. I have performed both the operations but it has not helped. Is there any solution?

Abhay Kumar Somani

This is a problem that has been acknowledged by Microsoft. What you need to do is update your Windows and a fix will automatically be delivered to your computer. However, if this has not happened you will need to download the file from the Microsoft site. The link for the file is

Alternatively, you can edit the registry and fix it yourself. It is always recommended that you take a backup of the registry before editing any of the values because any improper editing can corrupt your operating system completely, requiring you to reinstall Windows. Go to Start in your desktop and type in ‘regedit’ in the Search box. You will find a file called regedit.exe. Click on it to open the Registry Editor. Now navigate to the registry key: HKLM\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\SQMClient\ Windows\ DisabledSessions. Delete ‘Disabled Sessions’. Now close the registry and your problem should be solved. If you are not comfortable with editing the registry, please do not attempt it.

Net connect

q+a How can I configure the Ubislate 7Ci to connect to the Internet? Since it has a mini USB port, which dongle will it support? What are the items I have to buy? I have an Aircel SIM with pocket Internet. Will it work on this?

Nishit Dey and Lalen Pandey

The Ubislate 7Ci supports WiFi only. You will need to have either WiFi at home or buy a mobile WiFi device sold by Vodafone. The latter, I am afraid, will cost you more than what you paid for your tablet. It is best to get a WiFi modem for your house. I would recommend Airtel broadband. If that is not available in your area you may have to settle for BSNL or a connection from your cable operator. But make sure you get a WiFi modem/ router. The 7Ci is not for making phone calls.

If you want to use your Aircel pocket Internet you will need a phone that supports tethering by creating a personal hotspot through which you can share your phone’s 3G connection via WiFi. Most Android tablets come with micro or mini USB ports. Do not let that bother you. You can get mini/micro to full size USB adapters for this.

Distorted display

q+a I have a Samsung LCD (LA32D450G1) television set. When I connect my PC to the TV through a HDMI cable it runs superbly. But recently I had a set top box installed and whenever I connect my PC now, the display gets distorted and flickers badly. Why is this happening?

Rick Das

Try changing the resolution for your PC connection. Sometimes the signal works better on a lower resolution.

Format drive

q+a Can you please tell me whether I can connect a USB dongle to my iPad third generation? Also, how can I format my external hard drive to FAT32 in Windows 7 for using it with my iPad?

Sayantan Saha

You cannot connect a USB dongle to the iPad either for storage or to get Internet connectivity. If you are running out of storage space, start using apps like Dropbox to store videos and other files. As for formatting your external drive to FAT32 , download the Verbatim FAT32 tool from This tool makes it much easier to format your external drive in Windows 7.

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