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Swastika Mukherjee on the highs and lows of Na hanyatte

Teaming a taant sari with a gold maangtika, Na Hanyatte leading lady Roopa Ganguly made quite a style statement

I loved the way Na Hanyatte started, the house crumbling and the whole disaster sequence [Na Hanyatte revolves around a family of four who live in a dilapidated house that comes crashing down one night. Roopa loses her husband and she takes her daughter to be dead] was very real. The build-up to the disaster was outstanding. Roopadi and her husband (Debshankar) making love inside a truck while their house crumbles is very symbolic.

There are some beautiful moments, which is common to all Riingo films. Like I really liked the scene when Rahul appears for the first time. His conversation with his mother (Roopa) is captured so well.

What I feel about most of Riingo’s films, and this I say because I had done Kranti with him, if you see only a few scenes from his films you will love them. But in totality, they fail to leave an impression. I think his making is very smart, his camerawork is excellent, but the dialogues and the screenplay don’t match up to the smart technique.

Also, the camerawork is the same, the framing too is similar to so many of his films. It’s high time he breaks his work pattern and does something new. I have seen the same kind of frames, the overtly desaturated picture quality in his earlier films too. I am not technically a very sound person but the DI (Digital Intermediate) and burnt-out look takes out the normalcy from the film and the characters. In almost all the long shots, everything looks burnt out. The post-production work was too much for the film! I have a problem with the colour tone of the visuals.

Director Riingo (second from left) with composer Dibyendu (far left), Swastika Mukherjee and Srijit Mukherji. “I am very happy that my cast and crew had faith in me. I think I have got the best cast for Na Hanyatte,” said Riingo

The second thing is that there are too many subplots which are at times boring. The focus shifts from the main story which is about a girl’s search for her family. Sayani Dutta (Roopa’s daughter) is good. She has good screen presence and despite Na Hanyatte being her first film, she manages to make an impact but I think she needed to put in more effort in the emotional scenes. Roopadi as the mother is good. I loved her in the beginning but we’ve seen her outstanding performances in many other films.

Rahul (Roopa’s son) is my favourite actor, but I couldn’t understand his character much. He speaks normally with everyone except with his mother. Was he meant to be like that? I don’t know. The director also should have been careful about Chaiti’s (Ghoshal) make-up. She had lipgloss and mascara even when she was dying in the hospital bed!

I don’t know why Dibyendu is there in the film! Did he come into the plot only to make Sayani pregnant? I mean, the film would have been a much better watch without these never-ending subplots. Halfway through, I forgot the actual crisis. And then there is another disaster — a plane crash, which looked fake in every bit and after that the plot was completely predictable.

The background score (by Dibyendu) was typical of all Riingo films. I liked the title track though.