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Saturday , November 17 , 2012
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One step at a time

In an essay published just before the general elections of 2009, I had argued that for Indian democracy to become more focused and effective, four things needed to happen...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Sound and fury
Sir — Diwali is considered to be a festival of lights. However, it has been turned into a festiv ...  | Read.. 
Steep slide
Sir — In “Changed conditions” (Nov 14), Ashok Sanjay Guha has made a very interesting analysis of t ...  | Read.. 
Too popular
Sir — It may sound cynical but it is true that a film festival of international standard is not mea ...  | Read.. 
In the article, “Someone, if not something, to believe in” (Nov 15), it was mentioned that “Henry V ...  | Read.. 


Writers, not just spies, also come in from the cold. John le Carré and Salman Rushdie decided that the Berlin Wall that they ...   | Read..
Moved by moonshine
Expectation is a tenacious animal. But reality is, just as doggedly, a reminder. Each year, over the past few years, one goes to the international Jazz Festival in Calcutta, h...  | Read.. 
Old vision
The 48th annual exhibition of Calcutta Painters (November 2-8) at the Academy of Fine Arts conformed so closely to one’s expectations that it left one wondering if this was a ...  | Read.. 
A choral concert
It is quite marvellous that at the first hint of winter in Calcutta, 84 students of St Paul’s School in Darjeeling, the school’s administrator, Reverend Joy Halder, the choir...  | Read.. 
An important neighbour
Myanmar, geographically the closest Southeast Asian country, has a high priority in India’s regional policies. It is a bridge...  | Read.. 
The Birds they sang/ at the break of day/ Start again,/ I heard them say,/ Don’t dwell on what/ has passed away/ or what is yet to be./ Ah the wars they will/ be fought again/ The holy dove/ She will be caught again/ bought and sold/ and bought again;/ the dove is never free./ Ring the bells that still can ring/ Forget your perfect offering./ There is a crack in everything./ That’s how the light gets in. — LEONARD COHEN