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Thursday , November 15 , 2012
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Ask students what they want to do after college, and most often the answer is a vague “I haven’t decided yet”. Not knowing what to do after graduation is not really the end of the world. In fact, there could be hidden benefits. The best thing about this “career confusion” is that it gives graduates options to explore more avenues and a varied skill set to try different jobs. And when such students finally find their calling they will know for sure that this is what they always wanted to do. At http://graduatecareer, readers will find several such insights into jobs and careers.

The website offers tips, anecdotes and first-hand experiences about various facets of the job market. Readers will find expert advice about securing that first job, notes on writing impressive CVs, information about improving professional skills and tips on how to get noticed by employers. Graduatecareertips is ideal for students in the final year of graduation as well as for those in their first job.

Through an interesting blend of articles the website tackles many relevant issues. For instance, in “Is Facebook bad for your career”, the author cautions against posting status updates about bosses and inappropriate photos. In “Top 10 things you should do today on LinkedIn”, there are a host of tips to help readers make the best use of this popular professional networking site. Another interesting article talks about “How to make sense of job descriptions when applying for a post”.

The write-ups have been grouped into four main categories. These include “career advice”, “graduate jobs”, “graduate life” and “professional development”. Each section has several sub-sections. The line-up of articles in the career advice category discusses CVs, job interviews, job hunting and career path. This section tells you how truthful should you be while writing your CV, what to avoid in the CV, what to wear for an interview, how to prepare for telephone interviews, tips to get suitable jobs, how to use social media in job search and sector wise career articles.

The “graduate jobs” category gives an insight into types of jobs, tips to select the right job, flexible working hours and notes on workplace issues. Here you can read about how to impress in the first week of your graduate job, tips to maintain a work life balance, about travel on the job, the pros and cons of flexible working hours. In the “graduate life” section, learn about money tips, pensions and taxes. Although this section is written for students abroad, the gist of the articles give an important message to all young employees about the importance of saving money, utilising it in the best possible way while adhering to the country’s tax laws.

Several other crucial topics of interest for graduates are dealt with in the section on professional development. This category talks about workplace skills, presentations, body language, networking and mentoring. Read about business jargon, conference calls, official presentations, importance of body language at the workplace and the perks of a strong professional network.

Graduatecareertips effectively tackles a host of relevant issues through detailed articles. Catchy headlines and contemporary content will attract young readers. From corporate dressing to professional networking skills, the tips on the site are written to help young readers find their way in the job market and excel in their careers. For instance, a three-part series on job interviews tells graduates how to prepare for an interview, common questions asked and ways to make a positive impression on the interviewer. The site also lists a useful array of related Internet resources.

The website design is simple and the writing style is lucid. Few images, no advertisements and pop-ups make the site easily navigable. However, being a relatively new site, the article line-up is limited. You will find some write-ups appearing in various sections. Interviews with young graduates, employees and experts would be a welcome addition in future.

Tessy Koshy