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Tuesday , November 13 , 2012
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Ads they love & hate

Shrestha Saha, Presidency University

This is a pair of Levi’s — Go forth

It shows a montage of people getting out of their homes, in the Metro, at a concert… with a smart poem urging us to “Go forth”. This ad is a winner for me for the words as well as the visuals. Here’s what it says:

“You follow your heart, follow the leader, you’re the leader.

Are you joking, are you breaking, are you shaking? You’re the next living leader of the world. You’re a kid. Holding onto the thread. That holds it together.

This is a pair of Levi’s.”

Levi’s for me is an attitude and this ad spells attitude with an A!

I have NO clue till date what exactly the site does. They would let you think it’s got to do with porn, but then it probably is not. It may be clever business strategy but terrible execution. A “hot” woman and a geeky man try to demonstrate the outside and inside of the site but why in Google’s name is she stroking an otter inside a showcase? Annoying doesn’t even begin to describe the GoDaddy ad.

Disha Roychaudhuri, Jadavpur University

Sony Cyber-shot

— Slip in the

big zoom

It’s a cracker of a commercial with pop colours and a youthful feel. There’s no needless celebrity, just half shots of people moving perfectly in sync, as if they were the same person. The style of shooting is really trendy and the accompanying tune oh-so-catchy. The ad totally captures our zest to go zip, zap “zoom”!

Slice — Aamsutra

It may have turned half the nation into “aam aadmi” but watching Katrina Kaif romance a mango is just urgh! Making a beautiful woman run around trees holding a mango and looking at it lustily does not make me want to run to the store and buy bottles of Slice. Then again, I’m hardly

Ms Mango’s target audience.

Roshni Ali, St. Xavier’s College

Jockey — Jockey

or nothing

The new Jockey ad shows a girl driving down a dusty highway with her dog in the passenger seat. The feel is relaxed, the jingle catchy and the cinematography so international! And the tag line when it appears in the end — “Unconditional love or no relationship. Jockey or nothing” — just seals the deal for me. Life for me is not about

mid-ways and compromises; I want all or nothing. And so does my generation.

Idea Cellular — Sirji ads

The most annoying ads are of Idea Cellular, especially when they go, “What an idea, Sirji!” They’re stupid as the “ideas” are impractical, like preventing over-population with 3G. With super-fast Internet, won’t people rather end up watching more porn and making more babies? Who would sit and talk to the in-laws?! The jingle is quite hum-able but Abhishek Bachchan’s gyan just makes the ads a total turn off.

Indrani Banerjee, Jadavpur University — Three generations

What happens when cute kids play grandpa, granny, mommy or daddy? Everyone goes “awww” — the prime reason why I love Flipkart’s “no kidding no worries” campaign, especially the “three generations” ad. Dadaji orders a new mobile with dual SIM, everyone is happy as Flipkart mein jo dikhta hai wohi milta hai. But Dad is a bit sceptical about ordering something after just seeing a photo. That’s when Mom delivers the cracker repartee: “Shaadi se pehle aapka bhi toh sirf ek photo hi dekha tha.”

Lux Bodywash

Dumb expression: check.

Aunty-fied background score: check.

Useless special effects: check.

The Lux Bodywash ad seems completely blah. Katrina Kaif uses a drop of the bodywash that not only promises to smoothen one’s skin and make it satin soft, but apparently gives you wings of liquid silk to fly down into your boyfriend’s car! Really, Kats?

Shounak Majumder, Asutosh College

Seagram’s Imperial Blue Superhits (Music CDs) — Men will be men

A man (played by Sumeet Raghavan. I’m a big fan since his Sarabhai vs Sarabhai days) stands in a jewellery store with a forlorn expression. He wants to buy a ring for his wife on their 10th anniversary. The salesperson offers a solitaire but the man says it’s not expensive enough. The salesperson compliments him for being a good husband and inquires about the anniversary date. He says it was yesterday. A priceless empathetic look on his face, the salesperson puts forward a princess-cut diamond ring. The subtle humour is just awesome!

Garnier Light — No Oil, No Sweat Fairness


I feel compelled to leave the room or switch channels the moment Priyanka Chopra bursts into that very unflattering jig, singing “I hate the chip-chip”. The bad choreography teamed with PeeCee in a yellow dress touching her cheeks to display how oily they are makes me cringe. I also feel bad for the Dalmatian puppy, who clearly resents being anywhere in the ad. The poor thing even tries to get her to stop singing by nipping at her ankles!

Shaon Roy, Institute of Engineering & Management

Tanishq — Khul ke manao Diwali

Yes, it’s unusual for a 20-year-old guy to pick the ad of a jewellery brand as his favourite but the latest from Tanishq captures the Diwali mood to the D! A man asks his wife to pack a jewellery set on behalf of a friend and though she really likes it, she says they shouldn’t splurge this Diwali. He tells her what to write on the card but signs off with his own name. And the excited smile of the wife just says it all. The voiceover at the end, “Khul ke manao Diwali. Yeh saal mein sirf ek hi baar aati hai,” subtly conveys the message that this is the time to indulge your loved ones.

Cadbury 5 Star — Jo khaaye, kho jaaye

The pitch is “Jo khaaye, kho jaaye”. The idea is that each bite of 5 Star is so chocolatey that it makes friends Ramesh and Suresh forget what they said last. Hence it’s repeat after repeat of slapstick comedy, which is less funny and more irritating. Also, I feel the ad is not creative or imaginative enough for a product like 5 Star, which is an impulse buy.

Abhinanda Datta, Jadavpur University

Cadbury Dairy Milk — Shubh Aarambh

The Shubh Aarambh campaign by Cadbury Dairy Milk India is based on the Indian tradition of having something sweet before starting something new. My favourite is the ad that captures the awkwardness of a new friendship between a young boy and girl who meet at a wedding reception and discuss the crazy members of their families. Towards the end, the boy offers the girl a piece of Dairy Milk to mark the beginning of what he hopes will be a new friendship, both smile at each other and that moment of silence says more than words and jingles.

Japani Tel

Obnoxious, preposterous, incredulous — these are the words that best describe the ad for Japani Tel, which airs on Bengali channels ALL day! Clearly aimed at happy endings in the bedroom, it shows a snake charmer trying to er, raise a subdued snake but to no avail. Then a few drops of the magic oil immediately revive the snake and it does a little dance. The obvious imagery is just so icky and disgusting, not to mention embarrassing if you’re watching TV with elders.