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Monday , November 12 , 2012
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Big bang start to Diwali blast Silver screen comes alive

As trees are cut in Global Warming, the audience feel that their seats lean forward as if they are perched on a branch of the unfortunate foliage.

Welcome to Thrill Park — the first five-dimensional cinema in the city, which opened on Sunday at P&M Mall in Patliputra.

A five-dimensional film like Global Warming is an entertainment presentation in which a three-dimensional movie is shown with special effects such as vibrating seats, smells, strobe lights and water jets. As the effects are expensive, very few cinemas can afford these. James Cameron’s 2009-blockbuster Avatar was given four-dimensional treatment in some cinemas in US.

In Patna, however, cine buffs would have a special Diwali if they go to watch a film at Thrill Park. The audience seats here vibrate to replicate the experience of a high-speed car chase or convey the effect of an explosion. Bubbles, smoke and jets of air ensure a “complete” movie-watching experience.

“It was awesome,” said Aryashree, 10, one of the first viewers. “During the show, I could feel the hiss of a snake on my back. The shark in the ocean seemed so close to me that I was scared it would bite me. Also, water sprays and bubbles in the cinema gave me a never-before experience.”

Another audience member, Sanjeev Gupta, said: “This was an amazing experience. A friend of mine, who lives abroad, often tells me about cinemas in that country with vibrating chairs and indoor rain. I never thought I would have the same experience in Patna.”

He added: “I am really happy that such a cinema has been opened in the city.”

Patna zoo director Abhay Kumar inaugurated the facility. After watching an early show, he said: “This is a very good thing, I am sure that the people of the city will appreciate it.”

The commercial shows began at 3pm. One would have to shell out Rs 100 on weekdays and Rs 120 on weekends to catch a show. The cinema is open on all days from 11am to 10pm.

The ticket prices are not very high though, claims the cinema administration. Madhusudan Rajgarhial, the director of private company Dream Vision that is operating the cinema, told The Telegraph: “Orama 4D at Atria Mall, Mumbai, charges Rs 250 for an eight-minute-long movie. Another 4D cinema at Delhi charges Rs 200 for a seven-minute long movie.”

At Thrill Park, the audience can watch three short films — Global Warming, Jin and Jill and Alibaba (adapted from the Arabian Nights).

Explaining why the shows are not lengthy, Rajgarhial: “The charm and excitement of a five-dimensional movie would be lost if it continues for more than half-an-hour. Our cinema follows the standard show times for four- and five-dimensional cinema all over the world.”

Rajgarhial, a Bihar expatriate and electrical engineer settled in Mumbai for years, added that he wanted to give his home state a feel of the international experience. “As the conditions for business in Patna have improved I decided to set up this venture,” he added.