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Saturday , November 10 , 2012
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CIMA Gallary

My husband was into murals. These walls are his creations. I also helped in painting them. I wanted this Radha-Krishna fresco to resemble an ekchala Durga idol. It is almost 40 years old! The wall on the left is a fresco with fairy tales!


This is my room and it also doubles as my work space. This paalanko made of Burma teak is an antique piece from the Nator Rajbari and one of my prized possessions. Aparna Sen used this bed in Iti Mrinalini. The lantern is from Santiniketan and the lady in the photograph is my grandmother. The patachitra (on the left) is from Midnapore.


These ceramic plates with poems from Sahaj Path engraved on them are from a fair in Santiniketan. I could get only a couple of them but would love to possess the whole range!



I love different kinds of masks. My collection includes wooden and papier-mache masks from Africa, Bengal, Bhutan and Sikkim.







Ours is an old house, so we have the luxury of an angan. I love my garden and my friends know about it. So, they often gift me saplings.... The garden is like my kid. I have all kinds of ferns, orchids, flower and fruit trees. I have my morning tea in the garden. I also listen to instrumental music and Rabindrasangeet, and chant the Gayatri Mantra here. That’s me-time for me. I get a sense of peace here.


This is my favourite corner in the sitting room. The Jagannath-Balaram-Subhadra artefact is from Puri. I have placed them on a shelf and stacked some books and some dokra pieces with it. The lantern is my favourite too. I got it from a mela.