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Meet the Duttas

(L-R) Somak Ghosh, Ronodeep Bose, Manasi Sinha, Anjan Dutt, Rita Koyral, Shankar Chakraborty, Arpita, Sukalyan Bhattacharya, Srijit Mukherji and Neel Dutt — the cast and crew of Dutta Vs Dutta came together on Tuesday as Anjan introduced his family, part real and part fictive, from Dutta Vs Dutta. “It’s a film which is not autobiographical yet a lot of it is true,” said the director, who plays Dutta Senior in the father-son tale set in the ’70s and based on some of his own experiences. Srijit plays Rono’s mentor Tony Mukherjee and Somak is Rono’s friend. Rita is Rono’s mother, Manasi is Rono’s jethima and Shankar is Arpita’s love interest. Sukalyan has choreographed the Tagore song Bhalobeshe sakhi, featuring Arpita and Shankar. Dutta Vs Dutta releases on November 23. Pictures by Bhubaneswarananda Halder


Soumitra Chatterjee’s grandson Ronodeep plays Anjan’s son in Dutta Vs Dutta. “I did exactly what I was told. I got to learn a lot and the music was great!” said the actor who had a leading role in the football film Egaro. Anjan, who discovered Rono after much scouting, said: “Ronodeep is much better-looking than I was when I was 19. He is also a better guitar player and a far better actor than what I was at that age!”





Arpita, who plays Rono’s elder sister Cheena, gave three reasons for taking up Dutta Vs Dutta. “First, the chance to work with Anjanda the director for the first time. Second, to have Anjanda as a co-actor, and third, it was an exceptional script. For me the film is a jackpot!” she smiled.



“Amar Jamaibabu,” smiled Anjan, introducing Koushik Sen who plays Rono’s brother-in-law. “I heard about this script and the characters during the shooting of Abar Bomkesh in Dooars and I was most tempted by Shankar Chakraborty’s character! Here I play Khoka, a Naxalite who gets into the Dutta household. It’s a small part but one that gives an actor a sense of completeness,” said Koushik. Roopa Ganguly plays Rono’s aunt Runu, who
is also his father’s (Anjan) mistress.


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