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Friday , October 26 , 2012
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Smooth sailing

If Christopher Columbus had a global positioning system or GPS, it would have been easier for him to locate America and find out that the world was round and not flat. A GPS in his arsenal, he would have stayed there and tried to find out whether the place was agriculturally rich or not. Not only this, it would have been easier to look for minerals. He could have made the arduous journey back home a whole lot easier. The entire voyage would have been less time-consuming. It would have benefited the world sooner than it did.

Noorussabah Khan
Class XI science
Notre Dame Academy

Da man, Da machine

Wish the MacBook was there in the time of Leonardo Da Vinci! The Renaissance genius would have found it to his liking since he was an artist and a scientist rolled into one. Dabbling in painting, mathematics, architecture, sculpting, engineering, anatomy and various other interests - he would have been delighted.

A musician too, he would have launched his own album on iTunes. Steve Jobs would have been richer and, that too earlier. Facebook would have opened up hitherto unknown vistas of intellectual discourse for Leonardo. Sharing ideas among the intelligentsia online rather than penning them down for posterity would have ensured a far more developed world. Who knows, his name would have inspired brands and his collections showcased in the world of fashion. His paintings (think Mona Lisa) would have drawn online auctioneers queuing up on the Internet highway.

Harsh Hera
Class XII commerce
St Michaelís High School

Full throttle

Imagine Mahatma Gandhi cruising in a BMW from Ahmedabad to the sea. The Dandi March would have taken him to more places in the country. The cool car would have been the cynosure of Indians and the envy of the British. A drive in the iconic car would have been interesting as well. Imagine the entire nation following him on foot and the Father of the Nation driving the BMW.

Twinkle Chari
Class XII science
National Institute of Open Schooling

Techy Tintin

Nokia Lumia for Tintin! Howís that? The phone has great apps.... such as the neighbourhood explorer, which helps locate cinemas, shopping malls, food joints and restaurants. Tintinís travels took him to the Moon, sometimes to the sands of Arabia and sometimes to the bed of the ocean. Imagine the journalist in London being trailed by General Tapioca or Rastapopoulos - he looks for a place to hide, looks aroundÖ finds none. He would have flipped out his smartphone to locate a hiding place. The numerous apps on Lumia would have aided the detective in his across-the-globe adventures.

Arjun Chakraborty
Class IX
St Michaelís High School