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Thursday , October 11 , 2012
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A welcome space at home
‘Arrange the furniture in such a way that the guests are able to soak in the conversation rather than create it’

The living room is the welcoming space for your guests where they leave the outer world and step into your blessed realm. Your living room décor should focus on hospitality so that your visitors feel at ease and at home.

Take a moment and think about your instinctive reaction to your visitors.

As our guests deserve to feel comfortable in our territory, let’s find out how we can create such a hospitable ambience for our guests.

Living rooms are best located in the north or the east or the north-east or west of your home but try to avoid them in the south-west and north-west quadrant of the house.

The energy of the rising sun in the east creates the ideal atmosphere for a warm social gathering.

When the living room is in the north-west zone, the vibrant element of air tends to make the guests restless. They are unlikely to stay late.

The north-east quadrant of the house is the best location for the living room, as the prevailing beneficial cosmic energy here showers social gatherings with serenity and makes it a perfect place for entertainment.

Try to have large windows towards the north and east of the living room to allow the cosmic and spiritual energy to flow and contain it with by placing the bulkiest and heaviest items in the south and west. Place the lightweight, delicate and small items in the north and the east.

Arrange the furniture in such a way that the guests are able to soak in the conversation rather than create it.

Your music system can be placed in the south-east or north-west quadrant.

Soft music when played in the room adds to your positive environment and calms the mind, reaches inside and stirs the soul.

Any musical instrument like a piano, violin, drums or guitar should be rightfully placed in the musical zone, which is the north-west.

Do not forget to honour the sacred centre of your living room by keeping it empty of weight so that its positive vibrations can comfortably circulate around the space.

An appealing display of decorative objects, paintings and books, that matches the interest of guests and often creates an unspoken bond that helps them to relax.

In fact, your living room décor should make meaningful statements.

If they attract appreciation from your visitors then they deserve to be there, otherwise you should consider removing the objects.

Do not scatter things here and there.

Try to group up objects to make a larger statement. Place pictures of your children on the east wall so that you bless them with health and prosperity.

Couple’s pictures are best placed in the south-west to provide them with endless happiness and togetherness. Place pictures of your ancestors on the south wall so that you honour their wisdom and judgement and feel blessed for years to come.

Place three articles — one that speaks of your past, another that symbolises your present and a third that is high-tech and suggests your future — and place them together in the east to honour the endless cycle of life.

Create an effective zone of serenity in the north-east of your living room. This can be done by creating spiritual energy or by placing a water feature or anything that is dear to you or a photo of someone who is really close to your heart.

Sit there on a comfortable chair and concentrate on your loving symbols — a perfect time to let go of your thoughts about the past and the future. Enjoy being in the “now” and go deep within to nurture your soul.