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Wednesday , October 10 , 2012
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Wake up to vampire diaries


The Vampire Diaries, Seasons I to III, is being aired on Zee Cafe, Monday to Friday at 10pm. A smash-hit ever since it was first telecast three years ago on American television, the story of two vampire brothers in love with the same girl, The Vampire Diaries scores for its thrilling storyline, mystic setting and compelling characters. Here’s why we dig the coolest show on the small screen!

Damon the bad boy

He is the quintessential bad boy that no woman can resist. Only that Ian Somerhalder’s Damon Salvatore is a 170-year-old vampire who has women from six to 60 smitten. The bad-boy appeal — leather jackets, sarcastic smirk and badass attitude — define Damon. He creates trouble for brother Stefan, sucks the blood out of innocents and is the source of all mayhem in the town of Mystic Falls. His hotness quotient is defined by that penetrating stare, the brooding intensity, that sexy grin and the way he raises those eyebrows. This man makes bad look soooooooo good.

The setting

Mystic Falls is the perfect setting for its secretive and mysterious residents. Journals containing dark secrets are unearthed, rings and necklaces that can sense the undead are found while a vampire or werewolf can spring itself on you any moment. An air of mystery and foreboding prevails over Mystic Falls, casting an even darker shadow over the lives of its people. We love the sense of danger in the darkness of the night lurking in every corner.

Kick-ass Elena

Though she has just lost her parents in a tragic accident, Nina Dobrev’s Elena is no damsel in distress. A girl with a mind of her own, Elena protects those she loves and is willing to face all odds. She knows the true identity and deep secrets of the Salvatore brothers, but has the guts to stand up to them. The fact that she has a mysterious past life — as Katherine she was responsible for turning the brothers into blood-sucking vampires — adds to Elena’s appeal, even as she manages to pull off both characters very convincingly. That Nina and Ian are a real-life couple makes it even better.

The Salvatore equation

The relationship between Stefan and Damon is complex — and fascinating. They have a love-hate relationship, with the lines between good and evil often blurring. Is Damon the evil one or is Stefan the one we should fear? Despite the on-the-surface friction, the two brothers will sacrifice everything for each other.

The side players

The focus may be on Elena and the two brothers, but it is the supporting cast that makes VD an even better watch. From Bonnie the powerful witch who is Elena’s devoted friend to Elena’s confused brother Jeremy to the bully Tyler, each character has a story to tell and a secret to safeguard.

Not the average high-school romance

For many who thought that it would be the Twilight of TV, The Vampire Diaries came as a pleasant surprise. Though set in a high-school milieu for the most part, the drama here is real and intense and the romance edgy rather than cheesy.

A VAMPIRE DIARIES addict on damon and more

Time stands still at 10pm every day as the Salvatore brothers take over my television screen. Yes, The Vampire Diaries is back and despite watching all the three seasons already and knowing all the episodes by heart, I am once again hooked to it.

I was introduced to the book series of the same name by CS Lewis way back in 2008 and it immediately grabbed my attention — so much so that I prayed to be turned into a blood-sucking monster myself!

The moment this series hit screens in 2009, I became an ardent viewer. The difference between the books and the subsequent episodes irked me initially. However, I was forced to look past all of it the moment Ian Somerhalder made an appearance at the end of the first episode as the snarky Damon Salvatore. For a moment my heart had actually stopped beating at the sight of this beautiful man, with his piercing gaze and that notorious smile playing on his lips all the time. I could not have imagined a better actor to play this complicated character.

Since then, I am in love with The Vampire Diaries. The changes which were introduced seemed to fit seamlessly with the original plot — in fact, Paul Wesley turned out to be a better Stefan than the one described in the book.

The love triangle of Elena, Damon and Stefan is intriguing. Though I think Nina Dobrev as Elena is a whiny version of her textual counterpart, the chemistry between them is captivating. Her situation is like any other girl— trying to survive high school, facing friends who have turned enemies and, of course, enjoying the company of two gorgeous men who are vying for her attention.

The battle between good and evil is a common theme but the show deliberately blurs the fine lines between them. The love affair between Elena and Stefan is expressively satisfying and every time they share an intimate moment, I cannot help but smile wistfully and wish I had someone like him.

Being a student of English honours, my peers look down upon me for watching Vampire Diaries. True, it is not intellectually enlightening, but it makes me happy. My obsession with vampires has increased due to it — I have stopped paying attention to men (much to the relief of my parents!) as none of them can even be compared to Damon.

During that one hour, I can forget everything. Leaving reality behind, I enter into a parallel universe where vampires live among us. It is like an adventure, emotionally exhausting yet exhilarating. A perfect visual treat for any vampire aficionado.

Moreover, the characters have different layers to them and trying to analyse them psychologically is a waste of time as they keep changing. Damon for example can go from being casual to purely evil in less than a heartbeat. Although they are essentially soul-less creatures, the vampires here have been endowed with human qualities I can relate to.

The show is addictive and will make you sit through all the three seasons. Einstein’s theory of relativity of time seems to hold true as one hour of Ian Somerhalder’s charm seems just like a few minutes, leaving me wanting more.

Season III ended on an appealing note and I can barely contain my enthusiasm till season IV goes on air.

Abhinanda Datta

Jadavpur University