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Saturday , October 6 , 2012
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Trek Through Time

Time influences us all. Clock or cosmic, the effects are profoundly visible. Abstract to the core, the possibilities are endless — time travel being one of them. It has held an almost enchanted appeal for centuries. Novels have explored it, movies have celebrated it and most people have drooled over the possibility of experiencing it. And why not? Walking with pre-historic animals and witnessing rise and decline of civilisations and empires are simply fascinating. Smita Kumar speaks to children who want to witness history first-hand

Back to God

I want to go back to Lord Krishna’s time. The age was free of terrorism, inflation, corruption and crimes against women.

At that time, the presence of God could be felt. It would have been fun to see

Krishna play and do mischief. I would have waited to see Krishna lift the

Govardhan Parvat using his little finger.

Class XI, commerce
Holy Mission Girls School

Behind beginning

It would be exciting to see when life

started. I want to witness how it all began. It would be interesting to see how plants and animals survived in that

period and how they competed with

rivals and predators. I would be able to compare the habitats, adaptations and lifestyles of the plants and animals of that time with our world. It would be beneficial to know the medicinal applications of plants and animals to help control diseases. Going back to that period would help me witness and study evolution.

Shubham Kumar
Class VIII A
Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kankerbagh

See a sultan

Seated in a time machine, I would love to zoom into the age of Muhammad bin Tughlaq. While Indian history is full of amazing characters, none is as

intriguing as the Sultan of Delhi.

A scholar in various subjects, Tughlaq was a very knowledgeable man. I hope to add practicality to his otherwise great ideas. His reforms of introducing bronze coins failed because he could not

prevent forgery. As a gift, I would take a minting machine for him. Then perhaps, he would let me teach him a little about demand and supply so that his taxation policy could be rightly used. Being a royal visitor, the Sultan might also decide to gift me a gold chain.

Shailja Agarwal
Class XII, commerce
St Joseph’s Convent High School

War warrior

I would like to visit 1914, when the World War I broke out. I would have got an opportunity to witness several countries battling it out. I would have seen

American President Woodrow Wilson play a vital role in his efforts to ensure peace and avoid hostility among the countries. I would have tackled problems if I had an opportunity.

Saahil Raj
Class XII, commerce
Loyola High School

Serve & volley

If I had a time machine I would have witnessed legends like Rod Laver, Björn Borg, Jimmy Connors play tennis. Imagine the kind of experience I would have gathered from seeing them play. Moreover, sports at that time was free from doping and betting. I would have learnt a few tricks from them to apply it now.

Anshumat Srivastava
Class IX
DPS Patna

Taste Independence

I want to go back 65 years in time and witness our Independence. I have studied and heard about India’s freedom struggle but it would be interesting if I could see it. I would be able to see for myself how the British used to exploit Indians. The struggle of the freedom fighters and revolutionaries would then be forever etched in my mind.

Shamsul Arfin
Class XII, science
BD Public School