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Thursday , October 4 , 2012
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No October surprise for Romney in Denver

The “October surprise” has eluded Denver, the venue of the first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. That is what the Republican nominee needs to defeat Obama in his bid to capture the White House in less than five weeks....   | Read..

Mortar-hit Turkey opens fire at Syria

Turkey’s military hit targets inside Syria today in response to a mortar bomb fired from Syrian territory which killed five Turkish civilians....   | Read..

Tiny dino, sorry we took so long

Not every dinosaur grew up to be a mighty predator like Tyrannosaurus rex or a hulking vegan like Apatosaurus. ...   | Read..

Riots in Tehran after fall in currency

Riot police clashed with demonstrators and arrested money changers in Tehran today in disturbances over the collapse of the Iranian currency, which has lost 40 per cen...   | Read..

French First Lady regrets Royal tweet

France’s First Lady is dropping plans to relaunch a TV career but says that she will not quit as a journalist at Paris Match magazine because she wants to raise ...   | Read..
(Left) Romney and Obama
No October surprise for Romney in Denver

Philippine ire over new Net law

A new Internet law went into effect in the Philippines today that critics say could lead to imp...   | Read..

Ah, James, 50 and still sexy

It was a meeting of the two most famous British people on the planet: Queen Elizabeth II turned to ...   | Read..