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My Take

Knowledge ó the power Ages have gone and come.

Technology has grown but is sometimes dumb. Rights being snatched, people still numb.

Knowledge is the key to all such problems.

Hard task life is, vicious cycle time is, same-blooded leg sees discrimination.

Same toiled hands see intervention. Hold fast to your thoughts because,

knowledge is the key to all such problems.

Some by birth have a silver spoon, some have lies and betrayal as a boon, donít blame your destiny, say try to stop me ó I am unstoppable. Because knowledge is the key to all such problems.

Music is echoing in you, find it, saying that power is in you, respect it.

Pick up the knowledge in you, donít ask anything from others. Even if they dislike, because lies are travelling with swift feet, and donít feel it as unbearable, because knowledge is the key to your problems.

Change your destiny, knowledge has the power, Destroy evil, knowledge has the power. If you have knowledge, tell him who snatches your right do it if you can.

To discourage your optimism, now if he can.

No lies no style, no colour, no race, no title,

and no silver spoon works, when knowledge is optimum, because knowledge is the key to all your problems.