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Care chaos

It is said teachers are your second parents. We spend hours with them and have numerous experiences. Some are good, others not. I also have an experience. It was February 4, 2012, and it was a Saturday. My friends Animesh, Sumit, Akansha, Vrinda and I were going to Delhi to attend a science seminar. Pankaj sir was accompanying us. We were enjoying our trip, though we were from different schools. We sang, gossiped and were having a gala time. Delhi was pretty cold at that time of the year. Sir told us to stay inside our rooms so that we donít catch a cold. He said he would inform us when our chance came. However, to our disappointment when our chance came, we were all inside the room and missed the opportunity to attend the seminar. Sometimes, too much care invites trouble. I can never forget that day.

Harshit Bharti
Class X
Gyan Niketan

Second parents

Today is the era of globalisation. We call ourselves civilised, educated and well mannered. The ones, who help us reach this point, are our parents, our elders and most importantly our teachers. Sometimes, teachers treat us like they are our parents. This is what happened with me on February 13 this year. It was our school's annual function and I was supposed to sing a Bengali song. I was nervous because I was suffering from cold. It was difficult to sing under such circumstances. But my teacher Mrs Anandita Banerjee came and gave me medicine before my presentation. I felt better and performed on the stage. I realised why teachers are called second parents.

Suman Kant Bharati
Class VII
Gyan Niketan

A brush with her

The relationship between a teacher and a student is very holy. I was in Class IX when we were taken for an excursion to Rajgir. My class teacher-cum-English teacher Madhumita Sengupta accompanied us. I was especially happy because she is a teacher whom I truly admire. I consider her next to my mother.

We began our journey before sunrise. The pleasant air was flushing our face and our ears could hear the blissful sound of the birds chirping. We reached our destination within two to three hours. My hair was all messed up owing to the long journey. I had washed it just the day before. I am very particular about my hair and I donít allow anyone to touch it except my mother. But at that time I didn't have a choice.

I requested Ma'am to comb my hair and she agreed. That moment was very touching. I don't have words to express my happiness. The feeling was that the teacher whom I love so much has shown concern for me. I will cherish the memory throughout my life. I always wanted to express my love for her and thanks that now on this Teachersí Day I could do it.

Aditi Jain
Class XII - Arts
St Josephís Convent High School

Question bank

There have been many teachers in my life till date... Some were so good that their classes seemed sermons to me, and some who were too harsh for my, ahemÖ brain!

Anyway a teacher is a teacher and I respect that whether they are able to explain themselves to the students or not, they are all knowledgeable. So they are worthy of respect.

Last year, it was my first day at my new school for my senior secondary education. I didn't know what to expect. In the second period, entered a smartly dressed, slightly bald man of average height. I was impressed with his teaching. In the second week, our teacher got into a bad mood after he caught a boy napping in the class. He asked us to narrate a six-page story, which he had completed the day before. He threatened that if nobody narrated the story, the whole class would be punished. I took a try and surprisingly narrated the entire thing! He threw another question at us... this time, meaning of some word. He asked me again. Though I donít remember the word, I can recall that whatever I said didn't please him. He said the answer was wrong. I was sure of my answer and so I consulted the dictionary and I was correct. I showed him the lexicon, he didn't say anything but in my heart I knew I would have it tough in the coming days. And so it happened! He asked me questions every single day henceforth. I put up all my courage and asked him about it on Teachersí Day. He said he expected me to answer when nobody else could. Thatís why he asked me questions. That day onwards, I have regarded him as a friend and he has indeed been a helping hand to me. Since then, Gouranga Dey has been my favourite teacher.

Ipsa Kaushiki Rai
Class XII commerce

Jolly guide

There is a teacher in my school who is very popular among us for teaching with jokes. He is always jolly and puts any topic in a light way. I remember once he was teaching geometry in class and we were listening to him attentively. However, he realised the tense situation. To release the tension, he said: ďSaas bhi kabhi bahu thi is mostly watched by girls and not boys.Ē I replied: ďSir, I don't agree with you, the serial is also popular among boys.Ē A long chat followed. There was smile on everybodyís face.

Kumari Monica
Class IX
St Karenís Secondary School

Angry instructor

A teacher is the most important person in anyone's life as he/she plays a crucial role in shaping our career. When I was in Class IX, I asked a question to my science teacher. He gave me the answer to the question in a short sentence, which impressed me a lot. When I put the same question to another teacher, he gave the answer in a foul mood as if he was not interested. When I asked him one more question, he was livid... but I donít know why he was angry. Many times, a memory with a teacher can be good or bad. However, teachers are always our second parents and will always be so.

Class X
BD Public School

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