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Power of youth

Here’s my list of gamechangers of this millennium:

1) People: Mark Zuckerberg. Though Facebook is more of a “Fakebook” for me, and many I know, yet it is an inevitable part of our routine.

2) Fictional characters: Rancho aka Aamir Khan. Hats off to the dude from Dehradun who on the one hand addressed the grind that an engineering student has to go through and also made tonnes of money at the box office.

3) Food: Burger and Subway sandwich. I just love to gorge on these smart snacks, without worrying about the calorie count.

4) Gadgets: MacBook Pro. One heck of an invention by Apple and Steve Jobs. It truly understands the needs and wants of corporate executives.

5) Fashion: Quote tees. It will be my pick because I love to wear my mind.

6) Books: Chetan Bhagat. Kudos to the man who re-installed the read-only memory in me...he’s a genius and has evolved as a writer with each of his titles.

7) Films: Dil Chahta Hai. This story of true and undying friendship is my favourite.

8) Music: Amake amar moto thakte dao. This Anupam Roy song from Autograph had my name written all over it!

9) Transportation: Cheap flights. The lowering of airfares meant more customers for airline companies. But that is not the case anymore, thanks to our very own (ex) finance minister and his ridiculous budget.

10) Events: World Cup 2011. Being one of the biggest Sachin Tendulkar fans, I will cherish this moment always and bathe in the glory of India becoming the world champs for the second time. Proud.

11) Advertisements: Cadbury’s Kuch meetha ho jaye. When it comes to ads, very few can out-think the brains of this British company as they know how to savour the fine taste of relationships (read chocolates).

12) Television: Kaun Banega Crorepati. This is my favourite. Special mention should be made of the TV series The Big Bang Theory, which really made science and nerds bearable

(Who/what are your gamechangers in these categories? August 13).

Arka Chatterjee, Garia


Thanks t2, for conducting the wonderful survey and picking such interesting categories. My choice of gamechangers are Mark Zuckerberg for the super-social networking site Facebook. Digicam from gadgets. Inception has to be at the top for films. “World ending in 2012” is the most frustrating event. For fictional characters, it should be Rancho. For fashion, no doubt it’s quote tees; I just love them! For music, the most inspirational was Amake amar moto thakte dao. Among ads, the survey threw up Vodafone Zoozoo, but I wonder how you can forget the awesome ads of Airtel! For food, the healthy momo works wonders. In books, Chetan Bhagat’s titles have grabbed my attention always. For transport, the oh-so-trendy Scooty and cheap flights are my picks. Lastly, for television it should be MasterChef Australia.

Eshita Ghosh, Nagerbazar

What an absolutely stimulating list! Kudos to t2 for moving away from the generic and mundane, yet again! My list of gamechangers are:

People: Being a tech buff, for me the ultimate gamechanger is Steve Wozniak. In the millennium where personal is the key word, our trusty PC wouldn’t have seen the light of day had it not been for this circuit czar.

Gadgets: Definitely the smartphone with its Android platform. There might be Windows-based phones around but an Android smartphone is an experience one cherishes forever. I wince when I think of my dad’s first cellphone, a chunky contraption I could hurl to kill with!

Films: The hands-down winner is The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Had it not been for this Peter Jackson magnum opus, we wouldn’t have had Avatar and its mindblowing graphics. For me Andy Serkis emoting as the gnarled Gollum in a motion-capture suit was the turning point of world cinema!

Events: Definitely 9/11. There is nothing more to say. The world was horrified and the terrorist attacks that India has been facing became a global issue.

Fictional characters: Harry Potter. The boy who made glasses and neuroses cool!

Fashion: Sorry, but as a girl it is the now ubiquitous French manicure. Ridiculously easy to do and uber sophisticated, it is the best friend of a girl on the go. Almost like the Little Black Dress.

Ad: Before the Annoying Orange, there was the Annoying Thing. Airtel’s crazy little green frog on a spunky motorcycle taking on anything from robots to underwater djinns. A huge hit with toddlers, it was Shin Chan’s predecessor, teaching cheek to kids.

Food: The pizza! A mouthful of cheddar, tomato, pepperoni and capsicum. The good old fashioned ones still rock.

Books: The Hunger Games. Thank god for Katniss Everdeen! Move over soppy Barbara Cartland dames in distress and lachrymose Bella Swan. At last there is a female protagonist I can read about without feeling like the devil’s apprentice!

Television: Right up there with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is The Big Bang Theory. If Monica was the obsessive hottie, Sheldon made nerdy the new style statement. The first bit of real IQ and mirth on the idiot box!

Trina Moitra

I agree with t2’s list of gamechangers in all the categories except in fictional characters. I would like to make the following change: Being a Twihard, I feel Jacob Black, though not the main hero, is a gamechanger among all the other fictional characters. He is the only one whose character is very strong despite him not being the hero. He never loses hope and always keeps trying till he gets his way. He never says that he will fight fair, he is there for Bella with open arms, in spite of bidding her goodbye time and again and lastly, he never lets his love for Bella come in the way of their friendship. He is the best friend the world of books will ever know. I think that he is a gamechanger in the world of fictional characters because I am tired of the “good guys” like Edward Cullen and Harry Potter, who are too good for their own good.


I completely agree with the list of gamechangers voted by the youth. But I would like to include Ash Ketchum (the Pokemon master of all time) as my favourite fictional character. The concept of Pokemons itself is quite unique and bewildering. The show not only represents the journey of Ash Ketchum but also projects him as a great inspirational personality. His struggle, defeats, optimism, pragmatism and constant zeal to win make him a special fictional character. His bond with Pikachu is unforgettable as well.

Shreya Ganguly

My gamechangers are...

Ad: Vodafone and Cadbury, as both the campaigns are simple yet cute and soothing.

Television: MasterChef Australia for the heat of the competition. Yet it stands out because it is cool in its representation.

Music: It’s got to be none other than David Guetta. He simply rocks, man! And not to forget Autograph, for the soul-touching lyrics and rhythm.

Transportation: AC Volvo buses. The only reason to choose it is that it makes Calcutta look like London! Jokes apart, it’s quite comfortable in the scorching heat.

Books: Fifty Shades of Grey. It may require no explanation as people perceive it to be some goddamn erotica! The truth is that such psycho-sexual characters are very much present around us but they go undetected so we are scared when we come across a character like Christian Grey in the book.

Food: Momo is low on fat and high on taste, provided you consume the steamed version. Breezers are a cool fizz too.

Fictional characters: The legendary Joker, played by Heath Ledger, for his bone-chilling cackle in The Dark Knight.

People: Mark Zuckerberg for FB! That’s I guess enough reason to “like” him.

Gadgets: Digicam to capture memories in better frames and iPod to jack in your favourite songs any time.

Fashion: Quote tees, they are cool and funky.

Films: Avatar. A mixture of human emotions with the Omaticaya in the backdrop for restoring the eco-system secures my vote. Hats off to James Cameron.

Events: World Cup 2011. Three cheers for India!

Nairitya Ganguly, Tala


People: Mark Zuckerberg.

Fictional characters: Harry Potter.

Food: Burger from KFC.

Gadgets: iPod.

Fashion: Quote tees.

Books: Harry Potter series.

Films: Inception.

Music: Rang De Basanti.

Transportation: AC Volvo buses.

Events: 9/11.

Ads: Vodafone Zoo Zoo.

Television: F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Tua Ghatak, Salt Lake

The death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson has been a gamechanger in my life. Jackson was one of the greatest artistes of all time. The way he sang and the way he danced mesmerised the world. MJ was very much concerned about the present condition of the world, which is clear from his songs like Man In The Mirror and Heal The World. I was immensely influenced by his songs and decided that I’m going to do something for our world in order to make it a “better place for the entire human race”. But I don’t ever want to recollect those helpless moments when I came across the news of his death. Michael Jackson has inspired many and I believe that his songs will continue to inspire the youth of future generations.

Hardic Bhattacharya

I really liked reading t2’s article and even though I agree with most of them I would like to add to the list.

People: J.K. Rowling. There is nothing in the world that can beat Harry Potter. That’s what I call a living legend.

Gadgets: I have to give this one to Samsung Galaxy SIII. Packed with loads of features, it just makes you think: “Life does not get any better than this.”

Fictional characters: Has to be Harry Potter. He has changed the lives of more people than my imagination can hold.

Fashion: The geek spectacles. They have become such a rage that the normal ones fall far behind.

Food: Nothing beats the kati roll. No matter how many KFCs, Subways open up, kati roll will remain the youth food of Calcutta.

Books: Even though I am a huge Harry Potter fan, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a book like no other, highlighting friendship, heartbreak, love and the Taliban terror in Afghanistan.

Film: Hangover makes you laugh like a maniac even when you are down. Totally surreal and mindblowing, this movie will make anyone think twice about having a bachelor party.

Music: Once there were The Beatles maniacs and now there are Living Things. Linkin Park has truly changed the way we look at rock music.

TV: Nothing beats F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I have watched countless reruns of the episodes and they still don’t bore me. Another special mention goes to The Wonder Years. Kevin Arnold’s story is something that every teen can relate to.

Harshita Anand

You, the t2 reader, on the power to change. write in to

Power in my hand

If I had real power, I would wipe out the quota system — from educational institutes to local buses — once and for all and propagate equality.

(What is the one thing I would like to change if I had the power? August 13).

Arka Chatterjee, Garia

I would like to bring a complete change in this world where the three “Ps” — poverty, population and pollution — would be eradicated first.

Shweta Ghosh

I would like to stop discrimination against women. I would remove female foeticide and stop girls from doing household chores while boys play or go to work.

Pragyesh Shroff

I would try and put an end to women’s submissiveness and also stop the trafficking of women. How long will girls get out of their homes with the fear of getting kidnapped?

Ashrutaa Laha

If I had the power, I would have been a dictator and ensured there was no misuse of power, only love for the country.

Arka Bhattacharya, Sinthee

There are three things I wish to introduce:

1. Garbage stands at equidistant intervals on each road with automatic pay-and-use toilets on prominent roads.

2. Free education for poor children with food and scholarship.

3.Cycling zones with pick-up and drop facility of cycles to reduce pollution.

Nairitya Ganguly, Tala

I would yank out all the baddies and end all prejudices, superstitions and fake relationships.... Another thing pricks my heart and that is the sudden mushrooming of a callous interest in reading Chetan Bhagat and Harry Potter. I would criminalise such books if I had the power! I would teach our present tech-savvy youngsters some manners, with a broomstick to smack them.

Kousik Majumdar, Belghoria

I would first use my power for a complete makeover of my country so that it becomes a superpower in economy, industry, education, health, agriculture, sports and peace. The major problem hindering our efforts is corruption, which has infected the country at all levels. The corrupt and hypocritical political leaders will be dealt with sternly. Only when every Indian starts loving his/her motherland, sacrificing personal gains and power, will we be able to revive our lost glory.

Atish Roy

I would like to make a non-violent world where everyone is always welcome. No one will be judged on the basis of wealth. It will be without any political colour or police and administration. So, it will be a dream world.

Abhishek Chowdhury

The word “change” reminds me of a few lines by Martin Luther King Jr. “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.”

I’d make sure no one ever went to bed hungry, and that everyone had clean drinking water. Secondly, I’d make war illegal. When there is a difference of opinion, the parties concerned would have to find a way to work things out amicably. It’s not difference of opinion and belief that makes us a dysfunctional world, it’s the lack of acceptance of the other’s point of view.... If I could change the world, every compliment would be genuinely pure. If I could change the world, we’d listen more and talk less. If I could change the world, we’d spend more time imagining what’s possible and never lose the curiosity we had as children.... If I could change the world, my daughters would inherit a better planet because my generation made sure of it. If I could change the world I would love to teach people to accept the fact that girls can compete with boys and can even do better than them.

In the end I must conclude that I know that none of these would actually happen, still we love dreaming and I enjoyed it.

Soumita Saha

With power in my hand, I could not have changed anything except myself.

Arka Mukherjee

The ONE thing in the world that I would like to change if I had the power is NOTHING. Because there are more than one things that need to be changed very badly....

1. Corruption. 2. Rising population. 3. Poverty. 4. Unemployment. 5. Pollution. 6. Rising power of terrorists. 7. Filthy

politics. 8. Inequality in terms of religion and caste.

Sarnali Chakraborty, Joka

Overpopulation, poverty and illiteracy are the root cause of the socio-economic problems in India. So if I had the power to change things, I would like to curb these problems.

Sampad Dutt

The fact that people have power gives them an elevated status to an extent. Especially in a country like ours, power is misused in so many ways! There are innumerable issues to resolve but the people in power care more about cartoons and silly stuff. Everyone knows that problems are not limited to roti, kapda and makaan. Why create a fuss over petty things and allow the nation to crumble by ignoring serious problems?

Ensuring that people live in harmony and have enough to eat, a roof over their head, clothes to wear, empowerment of women, banning child labour, reducing economic inequality, removing corruption and building a self-sustainable economy are just a handful of things that we can improve substantially.

As for the one power I really wish for is to gather everyone who wants to make this world a better place to live in, share everyone’s thoughts, address all issues, contribute to society in a positive way and spread happiness all along.

Sagar Ashara

I would try my best to bring peace in the world. I would try to change the mental set-up of as many people as I could. When they understand where peace lies they will automatically quit fighting and embrace the path of love and friendship. Then there will be no hatred, inequality, restlessness or fear.

Tua Ghatak, Salt Lake

I’d change the course of evolution. I would prevent the uncoveted metamorphosis of the Homo erectus to the Homo sapien. Ours is the most destructive, and ironically the most inhuman, species to ever walk this beautiful earth. We are an anomaly and must be wiped out as soon as possible in the interest of the rest of the world.

Satanik Pal

I would try to oust racism from the world. No human being, however rich or poor, is responsible for his/her complexion. Scoffing at ugly people is also a kind of racism. The world is filled with sighs, sweat, blood, tears of people who are attacked by racists and extremists. I would try to erase such anomalies, malice and discrimination if only I had enough power.

Jayeeta Shamsul

The world isn’t perfect, in fact it is as full of flaws and further from perfection as possible.... If I had the power to bring about change I would give the world more compassion. The world does not need a Superman, Batman or any other superhero with superpowers to save it.

All it needs is a little bit more compassion in humans towards every creature, be it human or animal. I believe it is this virtue that will transform every human into that superhero that will make the world a better place to live in.

Khushnood Fatma

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