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What Sourav will do at 40

He turns 40 on July 8. But for Sourav Ganguly, it is just another number. A chat with Dada as he turns a year younger!

One of Kabir Suman’s songs goes, Chollish perolei chalshe. What are your thoughts on turning 40?

It is just a number! Nothing else!

What is the one thing you will definitely do in your 40th year?

Phew! Nothing of that sort! Nothing special!

And one thing you will not do?

I don’t have a life where I have too much of ‘do and don’t’! It is a pretty regular life actually. My life is not a system that I have to do (something) and don’t (have to do something).

Will you be taking any extra measures to stay fit at 40?

Depends, depends, depends… I have been training all my life… so, let’s see how it goes. Training will depend on when I am playing and what I am playing. On a regular basis, I do work out to keep fit and that won’t be changing now.

Who are some of fittest 40-year-olds you know?

Fittest 40-year-olds? Hmmm… I think Rahul Dravid will be close to 40. He looks pretty fit. And so is Sachin (Tendulkar). How old is Leander (Paes, 39)? He is pretty fit!

One habit you haven’t let go in 40 years and will never?

Eating! And, I eat everything!

What is the one major change that has come about in you with the passing years?

I have become more calm and patient. At different stages in your life, you see different things, you see things in a different perspective… it doesn’t remain the same.

If you look back, decade by decade...

The first 10 years: I really don’t remember! Thirty years ago! Must be going to school, playing sports, getting beaten up at home, getting scolded at home like all kids. I was a sporty kid. I used to be very good in athletics in school. I got punished in school many a time! I wasn’t naughty but I would play a lot and I would get punished for that.

From 10 to 20: Going to college, starting to play cricket… first time I got picked for India when I was 17… this is the phase that I love the most.

From 30 to 40: That would include all phases of my cricketing career. And then when Sana was born….




i wish him...


Dona Ganguly
It is just another birthday. And life begins at 40. So, hopefully, life will begin at 40 for him. I hope his wishes come true. At present, he is really looking at having a school of his own and I wish that comes true.


Rituparna Sengupta
I wish him all the best for whatever he does in life. He should get whatever he wants in life. He is a wonderful personality and such an enthusiastic guy. And I would want him to make a comeback!


Anindya Chattopadhyay
Life begins at 40. Sourav might be able to make a comeback in IPL too. And every time he has (made a comeback), our lyrics have incorporated him. Hope we can sing E bhabeo phire asha jai many more times! All the best for his 41st year. I hope if he wants to play for two more years... may it be his decision and no one else’s. People should give him due respect. There are few sportsmen like him in India. And his exit should be a glorious one. I would dedicate Bondhu tomai for him… very apt.

What is your message for Sourav on his 40th birthday? Tell


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