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Night of magic and mourning
‘They are turning football into art’

A Spanish jersey found pride of place on a wall of the Sarat Bose Road office of Jose M. Terriza and Miguel Angel Hernaez the day after Spain trounced Italy in the Euro Cup final. The two Spaniards share their match moments and the winning feeling with Metro

Getting started

Miguel: We started the evening with a pre-match party at Swissotel where we played foosball with others, discussed the match and participated in a contest where we had to guess who would win and what the score would be. There were seven or eight Spanish people.

Jose: I don’t think any of us got the score right. I guessed 3-1 for Spain.

Miguel: I went for 2-1 Spain. Who would have expected 4-0?

Jose: After the party we went to the Indian friend’s house where we had watched the semi-final (against Portugal). A Spanish guy who had come from Chennai was with us.

Miguel: We tried not to upset the balance too much because it might bring bad luck to Spain. So the arrangement was almost the same as the one we had for the semi-final. We had similar Spanish food, beer and red wine.

Match moments

Jose: Till the second goal, we felt that Italy might equalise any time. If Italy did, maybe the final score would have been a little different. But Spain had possession of the ball almost throughout.

Miguel: It was not like they were satisfied with one goal and kept on attacking and playing the tiki-taka match all through.

Jose: And (Iker) Casillas was like a wall. Whatever shots Italy fired at the goal, he stopped them. He was an angel!

Miguel: We were happy that we had taken the lead. But it was the second goal that sealed Italy’s fate. We felt like we were going to win, really.

Jose: Going by statistics, it was unlikely that Casillas would concede a goal. He only did that once against Italy.

Miguel: The (second) goal was spectacular. Xavi (Hernandez) passed the ball to him (Jordi Alba) and it was like he was on a highway, the way he sped to collect the pass and score the goal!

Jose: It was a big strike for him. Jordi Alba is new. He has been taken by Barca, but nobody knew him well. But now, after the goal he scored….

Miguel: I think it was the most important goal of the night. The two goals in the second half were great but that one gave us the confidence that we would win. It was the goal that made the difference.

Jose: And Spain did not stop attacking. If Italy had scored a goal, they would have been down at their end helping their goalkeeper.

Miguel: Spain just kept pushing the game to the Italian half. They play great finals. People say they are boring and then they play like this and prove them wrong.

Spain is one team. It’s not like we have (Fernando) Torres only. Torres had the opportunity to score a (second) goal but he passed to Juan Mata for the (fourth) goal.

Italy started pushing forward and attacking after the first goal but they could make things a little tough for Spain only for 15-20 minutes. When they failed to score, it seemed like they had given up and were thinking that we won’t be able to win the match.

The Spanish way

Jose: Many newspapers in many countries like France had headlines that said ‘thank you Spain’. Because after two goals, other teams might have gone on the defensive but Spain kept on looking for more goals.

Miguel: And (del) Bosque is great. He really knows his team and his work and I think he is the perfect coach for Spain.

Jose: It is a different kind of football now. You know Italy has been using the Catenaccio (defensive) style for the past 10-15 years but now it is the time for tiki-taka football, the Spanish kind of football. It makes the match more enjoyable.

The winning feeling

Miguel: We were hugging each other and celebrating very loudly. We shouted so much! We played Spanish music, Pasodobles, at the highest volume. I don’t think the neighbours will like us too much, but it was a very special occasion. We were celebrating till 4am.

Jose: As the final whistle was blown, we knew that we were looking at a team with all sorts of records. We could understand that Spain was the king and might continue to be for the next few years, like Brazil once was.

Miguel: What is important is that we are playing great football, magic football. They are turning football into an art and making it spectacular for the people. This is the important point and not that they won three major trophies in a row.

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