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Thursday , June 14 , 2012
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Their dream jobs

Travel Journalist

Monday morning on a Venetian boat soaking in the cultural history. Friday afternoon scuba diving in the Belize Great Barrier Reef to explore the Great Blue Hole. Travelling the world tops the wish list for everyone but to do so for a living will be the icing on a sweet, sweet cake.

Student Speak: “I love travelling, especially backpacking. Getting paid as I see the world will be a dream come true,” says Soham Mukherjee of Seth Anandaram Jaipuria College.

Game Tester

So you are on the comp, playing a snazzy video game and your mother walks in. Does she yell at you for wasting your time? No, she’s brought you coffee. A fantasy, right? Not if you earned your keep doing just that — playing video games. A game tester has to play a new game for long hours, wade through the technical nitty-gritty and give inputs on graphics and other aspects of the game. What’s more, you will be the first to play a game even before it’s launched!

Student Speak: “Game testing is not a job in India yet. But to be able to play games all day and say ‘I am working!’ is something I would kill for,” says Rohit Paul of St. Xavier’s College.

Chocolate Factory owner

Women crave it, men hoard it and Aztec kings are said to have been the first to taste it. Yes, we are talking about chocolate. Think Juliette Binoche in Chocolat or Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... who wouldn’t want to step into their shoes? Making, tasting and selling your own chocolate is what sweet dreams are made of.

Student Speak: “I would be like Juliette Binoche in Chocolat, moving from place to place mending people’s love lives with my chocolate recipes,” smiles Ankita Dey of Asutosh College.

Wine Taster

Sip on a glass of wine and pass a judgement that can make or break a company. What power and what a life! An intoxicatingly enviable profession, even if it needs rigorous training, long practice and a regimented life. Imagine globetrotting for the sake of wine? Cheers, we say!

Student Speak: “It is a very classy job. You get to travel the world and drink many kinds of wine. And you will definitely get to visit the vineyards of France,” says Shashank Sharma, an ex-student of Apeejay School, Park Street.


Pamela Anderson in a red swimsuit running on the beach in slo-mo — that was one of the iconic moments of the small screen that turned being a lifeguard from “duh!” to “wah!”. An office on the beach, hot bods as colleagues, swimming in the sea, saving lives and working on a delicious tan, all in a day’s work — if that’s not the good life, we don’t know what is!

Student Speak: “I love swimming. For me being a lifeguard in Los Angeles would be mind-blowing,” says Mihika Agarwal, a national-level swimmer from La Martiniere for Girls.

Amusement Park Owner

Getting on a roller-coaster just once is never enough, but there are all those other rides one must fit into one day! The only solution — own your own amusement park or at least become a manager at one. All the rides will be at your fingertips and you can go as many times as you want, whenever you want. So, is it destination Disneyland, Universal Studios or Harry Potter theme park for you?

Student Speak: “The thought of having an amusement park at my disposal 24x7 is the most exciting thing ever,” laughs Soumalya Rana, 20.

Food Critic

Remember Anton Ego of Ratatouille, with tears of pleasure in his eyes when he tastes the Ratatouille? Now imagine doing that on the job. Judging food in all its varieties, flavours and quality — can work get any more sumptuous, especially if you get to try out new places and taste new cuisine across the world?

Student Speak: “Tasting new dishes every day and visiting the best restaurants across the world is all that the foodie in me wants to do,” says Sukanya Das of Heramba Chandra College.

Censor Board Member

To watch each and every movie’s uncut version way before its release is one good reason to sign up, especially for movie buffs. Add to that the power to be able to make sure that deserving movies see the light of day and that scenes are not chopped in a way that affects the storyline in the name of pseudo-morality or some such lame argument.

Student Speak: “What would I not give to be on the Censor Board?! I wouldn’t have to download English movies online to make sure that I get to watch the full version,” says Swetha Shri of St. Xavier’s College.

Personal Shopper

This is a job that pays you to go shopping. So, there is hope for all the shopaholics out there. Or all those window shoppers. Instead of walking around malls wishing you had a fat wallet, you can actually make some money, though you will be shopping for someone else. Besides having fun, one also has the power to make people dress better and make them happier. The best part is dressing up real people for real events unlike styling for a fashion shoot.

Student Speak: “Spending all day shopping and ending up making money instead of spending it? What’s not to love about this job,” wonders 21-year-old Karishma Singh.


Whether it was Yuva’s Ajay Devgn walking into the Assembly at the end of the movie or Rang De Basanti’s rousing dialogue, many youngsters seem keen on joining politics to make a difference. Instead of being put off by the perception of Indian politics as a filthy swamp, these youths dream of working their way through the corridors of power and changing things. Unlike armchair intellectuals, these guys are fuelled by a will to act.

Student Speak: “To me there is nothing more fascinating than politics. My main reason for wanting to be involved in politics is that I am passionate about many things that I would like to see turn into reality,” says Sourav Roy Barman of Presidency University.

Text: Anwita Ghosh, Indrani Banerjee, Roshni Ali, Saikat Bose, Shrestha Saha and Sriyanka Ray