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Of sports, hats and heroes

In response to the question “What would you have done if SRK had worn your hat?” in Metro, May 31, I think I would have never taken it off after getting it back.

I am a die-hard fan of Shah Rukh Khan. He has made us proud by putting his faith in the team despite repeated failures in the past few seasons. He has showed that consistent hard work always pays.

King Khan is my hero. It is my dream to meet him someday but I am yet to get lucky. If, by any chance, my hat gets the opportunity to be worn by my hero, I will be the happiest person on earth.

As for the sports-loving spirit of Calcuttans, I think no other city can beat us when it comes to passion for almost any game. Every sport is cherished in this state.

Metro had asked how Calcutta should felicitate Viswanathan Anand. There is no doubt that what Anand has achieved for India is no less than Kolkata Knight Riders’ victory in IPL 5.

The best way to felicitate Anand would be to organise workshops for children and teenagers with interest in the game. Children can even be counselled by the great player. Parents should be counselled as well to encourage kids to take up chess seriously.

Humaira Ayaz

Metro thanks S.H. Iqbal, orthopaedic and spinal surgeon, for these pictures of the
Venus transit that he clicked on his Lumix (Panasonic) DMC-FZ35 Superzoom (28mm-500mm) between 5.15 and 5.25am from his Ripon Street apartment.


Power play

I fail to understand why CESC has unilaterally hiked tariff by 15 paise (Pay more for power, May 31), ignoring the interest of 26 lakh consumers. It is frightening as they can increase tariff almost every month if variable expenditures rises.

To liberate consumers from financial affliction, CESC should adopt austerity measures to reduce luxury expenditure. They must curb enormous power pilferage and wastage of electricity.

There should be parity of tariff with the state electricity board.

Asok Kumar Chatterjee,
Konnagar, Hooghly

Young guns

The combined efforts of TTIS cub reporters and nearly 30 students of Saifee Hall English Public School deserve loads of praise as a meaningful, sustained programme to keep the environment clean was the need of the hour (Ten commandments for a clean environment, June 5).

The clean-up drive is worth emulating by each and every citizen intent on keeping his/her environment clean. Sadly enough, minimum civic sense is conspicuous by its absence among many of the citizenry.

In Salt Lake, where I’ve been staying for more than three-and-a-half decades, it is very unfortunate to watch scuttling of whatever efforts are being made to keep the greenery in tact, the first prerequisite for environmental cleanliness.

Trees are being felled indiscriminately for installing neon lights, wasting whatever is left in the already depleted exchequer.

Dustbins are overflowing because of irregular clearance by scavengers.

It seems private initiative is the only answer to such callousness on the part of the civic guardians.

P.B. Saha,
Salt Lake

It was good to see that on a very hot and humid day students of La Martiniere and Birla School stood with placards requesting motorists not to honk on the occasion of World Environment Day. It has to be a sustained movement to bring the desired results.

A.S. Mehta,
New Alipore

Hero’s welcome

The city is extremely glad and excited to welcome world champion Viswanathan Anand. Though the city is crazy about cricket, everyone is aware of the city’s spirit and passion for any kind of sports.

The way the KKR players were felicitated by our chief minister, I am sure Anand would be give a warm welcome.

Kiran Agarwal,
Dum Dum Road

Viswanathan Anand has made us proud several times in the past and the recent achievement is a no mean feat! He is an international icon in his field of sports and he should be felicitated on a national platform.

As far as Mamata Banerjee’s government is concerned, they can always throw a grand reception in his honour. If not as big as the one at the Eden Gardens for the IPL 5 triumph of the KKR, the felicitation can happen the Netaji Indoor Stadium to congratulate the chess champion.

This will certainly make us feel proud and delighted as our city of joy have always been passionate about sports and known for its hospitality.

Fazal Hussain

Since cricket is given so much importance in the country other games and sports remain out of the spotlight. Anand’s victory deserves equal importance. A phone call or an official congratulation message does not serve the purpose. The government should felicitate him in a grand way.

Amrita Mallik,
Salt Lake

A good cause

The Horlicks Aahar Abhiyan is a very good initiative to spread awareness about one of the biggest threats to the cause of children in our state.

Putting up paintings on the walls of Metro stations is a good way to attract lakhs of people every day towards the cause.

Neera Fogla

The exhibition of paintings by students of 154 schools on nutrition at Park Street and Esplanade Metro stations is indeed a unique attempt. Lakhs of people travel by the Metro railway. Exhibitions of paintings and photographs on major social causes can make people aware and help in warding off such curse. Thanks to The Telegraph for being a part of such great initiatives.

Soumya Bhattacharya,

The Horlicks Aahar Abhiyan was an eye-opener. Malnutrition plagues a large and part of our society and yet we hardly know much about this menace.

Soumya Gupta

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