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Monday , May 28 , 2012
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The power of magic
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PG Rama Rao

My friend N, is a conscientious citizen and is always worried about something or other affecting the state. He looked more concerned than ever and very pensive yesterday when I called on him. The following conversation ensued.

“What’s the matter with you, N? What’s eating you?” I asked.

“The other day I saw a Telugu movie called The Seventh Sense and since then I have been greatly disturbed,” said N.

“Why, what happens in the movie?”

“A Chinese secret agent, who is adept at hypnotism, enters India to kill a young lady researcher who has discovered a young man carrying the genes of the great Bodhidharma, a 5th century Shaolin Buddhist monk from India, a man of many miracles and, if necessary, to kill him also. The Chinese agent’s mission also includes the spread of a killer- virus for which only the Chinese have a cure and they want to bring India to its knees begging for the medicine,” said N.

“Well, why are you disturbed by a movie story? China is already a mighty power, almost invincible,” I said.

N said: “But the movie visuals are really disturbing. The Chinese agent’s hypnotic powers cause chaos in the traffic and make innocent pedestrians act like bloodhounds and karate fighters to kill the young Indian who is not even aware of the genes he is carrying within him. Such a man can use hypnosis and telepathy to influence members of our armed forces, air force and navy to cause large-scale devastation in our country and decimate our armed forces.”

“But why do you take a movie story so seriously? It’s all fantasy and is not in the realm of possibility at all. Otherwise, the Americans would already have moved in that direction and any number of secret agents with supra-normal psychic powers would have fanned out to the far corners of the globe to establish an American style ‘democratic empire’,” I said.

“You don’t get my point,” said N.

“The Occidental mind is scientific and sceptical about the hidden powers of the mind, which can be tapped only in the Orient. Think of the God-men, the yogis and the babas, who perform incredible miracles. Some of them go abroad and establish spiritual empires. Show me one American or European guru who has influenced the minds of the Orientals in a similar way.”

“You have a point there. I seem to get slowly convinced,” I said.

“Do you remember a God-man, who was recently discredited for his affair with an actress and was repeatedly shown in compromising positions with her on the TV?”

I said: “Yes, what has happened to him?”

“He’s back on his golden throne with a triumphant smile and thousands of his devotees are dancing in an ecstasy to celebrate the restoration of their God. Now, to hark back to controlling the mind of somebody and making him do certain things like one in a trance, don’t you remember a Crown Prince of Nepal killing all the members of his family before shooting himself dead or a hijacker of a plane making the pilot dash into the World Trade Centre or Hitler controlling the people of Germany as if they were robots and not human beings with minds of their own?” asked N.

“Well, you seem to exercise a similar power on my mind,” I said with a smile.

N said solemnly as if inspired by the spirit of Bodhidharma: “I’m trying to drive home the point that we must anticipate China and move fast to create a Ministry of Magic with an adept hypnotist or God-Man at the helm and the Ministry should work in tandem with the Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs. Magic and hypnotism would come in handy when we sign MOU’s with other countries and in dealing with armed services and during hostilities with powerful enemies. Hypnosis helps in creating confusion in the enemy ranks. Magic, in general, with its power to create illusions and hallucinations among the enemies, would ensure our victory.”

I said: “But some of our political leaders are already adept at magic. They can convert land, mines, telecom industry, metals, weapons etc. into wealth in different forms and stored in different places. Some of them are adored by their followers who go into raptures at the mere mention of their great leaders’ names and live in a kind of euphoria, obviously created by the great hypnotic powers of their leaders, who have amassed lakhs of crores in a record time by their extraordinary magical powers against which the law of the land is helpless. Hypnotism, telepathy, and other forms of magic are already at work in a significant way in our country, and there is no need for a Ministry of Magic.”

I felt greatly relieved to find that I was again in full possession of my mental faculties, which had been held in thrall for a while by N.