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ANVC faction demands Garoland

Shillong, May 13: The ANVC (B), a breakaway group of ANVC, has revived the demand for the formation of greater Garoland, which was the original demand of the mother organisation.

Stating that there was a need for reunion of Garos across borders, ANVC chairman Rimpu Marak said, “We are ready for talks if Garos, who are scattered, have a chance to unite through any means of administrative set-up and independent governance.

Though the ANVC (B) did not clearly mention the geographical areas of the Garo-dominated areas, these include parts of West Garo Hills and Ri Bhoi and all the three districts of Garo hills according to the original demand of the ANVC.

In a statement issued here today, Marak said the Garos had been divided and scattered geographically and politically and stressed the need for unification of all Garo-inhabited areas.

“The ANVC (B) wants to instil a spirit of brotherhood and oneness, which would be the first step for a movement we all aspire for,” Marak said.

“All Garos are one and our needs are genuine. All political and geographical differences have to be eliminated and for this we need to stand as one family,” he added.

“There are people who try to destroy our society. So, we do not have a chance if we hang on to our egos. We often distinguish Garos based on geographical barriers,” he added.

He also ridiculed some leaders who make certain demands for the formation of a separate state for Garos.

According to Marak, making big promises is easy but getting it done is difficult.

“ANVC (B) thinks practically on what it says and does,” he said. The ANVC leader said a separate state is people’s call and a handful of people cannot decide.