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Saturday , May 5 , 2012
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Vastu baton to ward off evil

- Temple on police station premises as deaths haunt cops
The temple on the premises of Patkura police station. Telegraph picture

Kendrapara, May 4: Haunted by the spectre of evil influence, officials of Patkura police station have turned to vastu. The desperation to ward off the “evil eye” reportedly happened after the untimely death of five employees of the police station.

Sources said two vastu experts from Bhubaneswar had recently visited the police station and have suggested certain changes.

Fear gripped local policemen after the death of five of their colleagues in the past five years.

The newly built police station has turned out, the cops believe, to be a cursed territory with the spectre of death haunting its occupants. The cops have become frightful, developing a sense of unwillingness to work there.

The district police chief, however, dismissed the fear as unfounded.

“The death of policemen posted in the said police station is simply coincidental. There is no rationale and basis in the belief,” said Kendrapara superintendent of police Narasingha Bhol, who holds a BTech degree from IIT-Kharagpur.

Though structural designing of the police station has remained unchanged, a temple has come up on its premises apparently to invoke divine blessings.

Puja and religious rituals have become the order of the day with active involvement of the cops.

“Circumstances have made them to turn superstitious. Many believe that the evil spirit has cast its eye on the police station,” said Kartik Chandra Mallick, inspector of Patkura police station.

On April 8, sub-inspector P.K. Purohit met a tragic death in a road accident. His death was the proverbial last straw.

“It has deeply demoralised us. Purohit was very popular and a dynamic officer. His death in a road accident have made all of us jittery,” he said.

“I never believe in such things such as vastu and evil spirit. But, the majority of my subordinates are of the view that the root of all the wrong lies with the new police station,” said the inspector.

The old police station was dilapidated and the new building came up in 2007 under the police modernisation programme. Since the police station had become operational in the new building, death had been revisiting every year, said a police official.

“My colleagues are insistent on making necessary alteration at the entry and exit points of the new building. We are thinking of seeking the vastu experts’ services in this regard. This may be a superstitious practice. But, there is nothing wrong in it as long as it ushers in change of fortune, and at the same time, stops the recurring spell of death,” said a senior cop.

“Cops are the protectors of law. But, the policemen here unlawfully built a temple on the police station premises in 2008 a year after the death of a police officer in a road accident. Superstitious belief has driven them to bring up the temple,” said Rabindra Barik, a former sarpanch of Bedari gram panchayat in the Patkura police station jurisdiction.

“Now, we are told that the entry point to the police station is being rebuilt according to vastu. There is little logic in such acts on parts of the law-enforcing agencies,” said Barik.