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The dragon and his friends

‘The dragon always likes to be the centre of attraction’

Dragon and rat: The dragon always likes to be the centre of attraction but the rat does not want to be left in the background because of its outgoing and confident nature. They happily allow each other to pursue their own particular interests. Together they make a lively and adventurous couple as the dragon knows how to charm and mesmerise the rat, which keeps the rat always in high spirits.

Dragon and ox: The oxís patience and orderly life will definitely be challenged by the vivacious dragon. Dragon appreciates the oxís dependability while the ox admires the dragonís liveliness and magnetism.

Dragon and tiger: Both characters are spirited, daring and passionate in their outlook and approach. Together they would happily share the enjoyment of life.

Dragon and rabbit: The dragon is an adventurer driven by challenge and excitement. The rabbit admires these qualities as he or she is happy to retreat into the background when the dragon takes the limelight.

Dragon and dragon: When two people of this sign meet, everyone else automatically withdraw by their sheer charm as both like to be complimented and be the centre of attraction.

Dragon and snake: They both have charm, energy and wisdom but feel trapped by one another. The snake allows the dragon to have his moment of glory and admires the courage of the dragon.

Dragon and horse: They both like to travel and explore. They love to be admired by all and fish for compliments. However, the horse feels trapped when the dragon gets more attention. However, mutual understanding can make this relationship work.

Dragon and ram: They make a good pair as the ram being dreamy and whimsical is a good listener. This quality is liked by the dragon as he finds a partner who can encourage him in life.

Dragon and monkey: They both are capable of great things and could leave other romances far behind. The dragon is bright, powerful and attractive and the monkey knows how to charm and attract the dragon with ease.

Dragon and rooster: The dragon is attracted by the rooster as they share common interest and love all the luxuries of life. Together they can add spark into the dullest situations. The dragon has a natural flair and charm whereas the rooster is flamboyant. Both work as a perfect pair in times of trouble.

Dragon and dog: The dragonís presence could be overwhelming for the watchful dog who will not be easily convinced by the dragonís plan of action or won over by his charm. The dog finds him extremely unpredictable and loud whereas the dogís anxiousness annoys the dragon. This could lead to arguments and clashes.

Dragon and pig: The pig loves social outings and can be an entertaining company. The dragon likes to be the centre of attraction. This does not make the pig feel left out. On the contrary the pig admires the dragonís flair and they happily share adventures and explore together. Dragon is happy to support and encourage the affectionate pig.

They are best suited to a career in religion and law. They make good executives, industrialist, doctors, performers, artists and musicians.

Famous dragons: Harold Wilson, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, George Bernard Shaw, Salvador Dali, John Lennon, Mary-Louise Parker and Sigmund Freud were all born in the year of the dragon.