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Thursday , February 9 , 2012
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US gay union ban rejected
A federal appeals court panel today threw out a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage passed in 2008, upholding a lower court’s ruling that the ban, known as Proposition 8, violated the constitutional rights of gay men and lesbians in California. ...  | Read.. 
Gilani files appeal against SC summons
Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousuf raza Gilani on Wednesday filed an appeal in the Supreme Court seeking to stay the indicment against him in a contempt case that coul ...  | Read.. 
Assad gunmen ‘killed families’
Gunmen loyal to President Bashar al Assad murdered three entire families in Homs last night, according to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. ...  | Read.. 
Andrea Garcia and Rosie Ruiz at a rally celebrating the ruling on Proposition 8 in West Hollywood. (Reuters)
US gay union ban rejected
Santorum wins reopen race
His candidacy all but dismissed just days ago, Rick Santorum won the Minnesota and Colorado cau..  | Read.. 
Russia scientists reach huge Antarctica lake
After more than two decades of drilling in Antarctica, Russian scientists have reached a gigantic f..  | Read..