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My Fundays

As a child, I was very independent in my thinking. Those few times that I had to be alone at home or go out somewhere, mom wouldn’t have to worry about me. I was also very protective about my little sister, Amrita I had a typical older sister syndrome and would shadow her constantly. I would pick a fight instantly if anybody did anything to her.

I was an introvert, but I was also very naughty. At school, I was always the head girl or the prefect and looking after the others was my responsibility. I hated being a frontbencher. I used to skip homework but was very good at camouflaging it. Initially, I was in an all-girls’ school and later shifted to a co-ed school. Turning this to my advantage, I would get my work like preparing the annual journal done by the boys. My aunt was the principal of the school so my sister and I always had to put our best foot forward.

Once I was flipping through a magazine when I came across a picture of a scantily dressed couple. The teacher caught me and, needless to say, made a mountain out of a molehill. After that, whenever she saw me, she would get irritated. So I decided to give her a hard time. She liked to have pin drop silence in class, and I would invariably do something to annoy her.

The school where I studied first had a huge campus with lots of mango trees. We had a great time climbing them. Once it so happened that we were still up there and the bell rang. I helped my sister climb down but in the process my clothes got stuck and my friends and I were left hanging from the tree for almost half an hour. We knew we would be punished and laughed it off.

I’ll always be grateful to our mother for our upbringing. She would let us do what we felt right and would always encourage us to communicate be it in happiness or sorrow.

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