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Salt Lake theft

Thefts and dacoities in Salt Lake have become regular occurrences.

From the way thieves entered the house of Biplab Bhowal and tried to masquerade as the owners, it is quite clear that a well-organised racket is active in the area that passes on information to burglars (Stolen: a whole house, August 29).

Poor police surveillance in the locality has made it easy for thieves to break into houses without getting caught.

Domestic helps and security guards also act as sources of information. It is certain that the group had been aware that the owner was not at home.

Unless the police become active, such incidents will continue to jeopardise life in Salt Lake.

Mihir Kanungo, Rajbari Colony


Why do we need a new name?

I am proud to be a Bengali and enjoy Bangaliana. But I don’t understand why we should re-name the state. What is wrong with West Bengal? Please leave the name as it is (GenY: Let it be, yeah, let it be! August 24). There are many areas that desperately need the attention of our ministers. I would request the chief minister and her team to concentrate on those areas.

Kumkum Sengupta


The name Paschimbanga has a parochial sound. It is a word that only Bwngalis would find easy to pronounce. The name is difficult to spell and write as well. I feel the government has made a mockery of the so-called “consensus”. A group of 17 Bengalis out of 18 deciding on the new name is ridiculous and cannot be indicative of the general opinion.

Because I am a Bengali, I will not be affected by this name-change. But many people will face problems.

When the Mamata Banerjee government came to power, it said it had a lot of challenges to meet. It can only afford to play the name-changing game after it has solved or at least dealt with all the problems faced by the state.

Amartya Pathak, Burdwan


Police harassment

To the question “Does the fear of police harassment prevent you from stopping to help an accident victim on the streets of Calcutta?”, August 19, my response is “Yes”. Police harassment is definitely a reason for deterring people from helping accident victims in Calcutta. Instead of acting promptly, the police tend to ask so many questions that it seems better to leave the spot.

However, only police harassment does not explain people’s indifference. We have become too self-centred. Until something involves us personally, we shrug off the matter.

Amrita Mallik, Salt Lake


Police harassment could be a reason for public indifference to an accident victim. To make more people come forward and help, the administration should ensure they are never harassed. Publicly acknowledging their efforts would also work wonders.

Rohit Aich, Garpar Road


Potholed roads

We have been hearing a lot about Calcutta being turned into London. But have the authorities ever compared the city to other metros in India? It is best not to bring London into the picture because the roads of Calcutta are abysmal when compared with roads in other Indian metros (Potholed for us, paved for PM, August 22).

In London, the authorities are held accountable for any civil lapse. Our authorities hardly ever lose sleep on any civic issues. They, too, should be heavily penalised for lapses before talking about turning the city into London.

Debabrata Chatterjee, Bidhan Sishu Sarani


The civic administration cannot deny their role in leaving Sandeep Sonkar immuno-compromised for the rest of his life “Do you think the authorities are directly responsible for Sandeep Sonkar's plight?”, August 22. The city roads are in a horrible condition. The Kona Expressway and the EM Bypass top the list. The stretch between the NH2/NH6-connector near Salap and Santragachhi station is so bad that you can’t really call it a road.

Many parts of the Belghoria Expressway, Jessore Road near the airport, GT Road between Uttarpara and Rishra, BT Road near ISI and the Dunlop-Nivedita Setu connector are no less dangerous. We pay taxes and deserve good roads.

Rajdeep Deb, Serampore


Sandeep should move court and seek compensation for his medical expenditure and loss of his organs from the authorities responsible for maintaining roads.

Amit Ray, Kalyani

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