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Monday , August 15 , 2011
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Stung Anna hurls graft gauntlet at govt
Anna Hazare today said he wouldn’t “call off” the indefinite fast he plans to launch till his name is cleared of the taint of corruption, hardening his stand hours after the Congress launched a scathing attack on the Gandhian. ...  | Read.. 
Funeral today after grandson returns
Shammi Kapoor’s funeral will be held at 9am at the Banganga crematorium tomorrow after the actor’s grandson returns from the US, family sources said. ...  | Read.. 
Copter hunt gets hotter
The army and the air force are now totting up the scores in a competition between American and Russian helicopter gunships, one of which will replace the attack copters ...  | Read.. 
Judge takes blame for 30-yr delay
A Delhi judge has accepted responsibility for a near three-decade delay by his predecessors in a tenancy dispute, saying the huge backlog of cases “can never be an excus ...  | Read.. 
Beaten: Age, asthma, altitude
Imagine running a 222km ultra-marathon at average altitude exceeding 14,000ft, where oxygen is low and traffic fumes linger long, becoming acutely irritating. Imagine you ...  | Read.. 
Beaten: Age, asthma, altitude
Indian jailed
Gandhi statue
Student rape
Killer leopard
Our first rock star
He wakes up, goes to the window of the small cottage and looks outside. Seeing the snow he shouts “Yahoo” three times..  | Read.. 
On I-Day, flag for Telangana
So long it was Telangana nameplates and numberplates, now it’s Telangana flags...  | Read..