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Tuesday , August 2 , 2011
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Rakhi lets it rip
Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant never fails to surprise. Make that shock. She chatted with t2 about her new show, Imagine’s Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaniyaan, airing every Friday and Saturday at 10pm, and her latest love. We reproduce this round of Rakhispeak in her brand of Hinglish.

Why did you give Calcutta a miss for the promotions? Don’t you want to come to Calcutta?

I want to come and I want to meet Mamata Banerjee, yaar. She is a brave woman. She is like me. I have heard about it… kahaan se… kaise aayee hai… when I see her, I feel she is like me… she is a tigress… Calcutta ki tigress hain woh… she is an amazing lady yaar… amazing… I just want to hug her… I just want one hug from her… I want to kiss her on her cheek… really because I feel she is a tigress woman… she is fighting whole man world (sic)… I just see a fire (in her).

Whew! Back to your new show, what is Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaniyaan all about?

Yaar mere dil ko touch karta hai yeh show… the stories… everything! It is a hilarious show… it is totally comedy show (sic)… When UTV and Imagine told me that Rakhi aisi aisi story hai… one person hasn’t taken bath for 37 years… I was keen ke kaise nahin nahaya hai, yaar… and that person has seven daughters… nahaya nahin toh saat bachche hain… nahaya hota toh kitne bachche hotey… Lalu Prasad ko bhi beat kar deta woh!

One female (!) sat on a tree for a good 16-17 days. Woh neeche utri nahin toh usne toilet kaise kiya! There are these two neighbours and when they fight… ek doosre ke ghar mein bhoot bhenjte hain. Bhootoh se maarte hain. It is unique, yaar. It is different… different stories… I have shot for only 12 episodes so far. It will go on for 52 episodes.

What have the episodes been like so far?

All the episodes are hilarious. One woman is saying that my husband doing sex relationship with a ‘she’, but aap usko dekh nahin paoge… matlab uska pati kehta hai ki meri patni mere jism ki khwaish poori nahin karti hai… toh woh ‘she’ karti hai aur woh ‘shedisappear ho jati hai! Atma hai! She does everything for that man… wow! When you see my show you will get to know everything ke woh kya kya karti hai… and that person is a professor. This is something different… usne atma bulayee thi mere set pe. I was start crying (sic)… The wife says she is a bad spirit, but he says she is a good spirit!

One couple came to my show, the husband has a girlfriend to whom he has written 35 love letters. He also has four kids. The wife says it doesn’t matter that he loves anyone else… dil de diya… I asked her what do you want… she said I want my husband’s body! This is so lovely and true. I am so happy ke humare Hindustan ki aurat ghoonghat khol ke baahar aa rahi hai. They are talking about their feelings… I am so happy. They should, yaar… it is very brave yaar…

What is the strangest thing you have heard about yourself?

Mujhe hansee aayee jab one time media had written that I have done 13 surgeries. I was laughing like mad… nobody can have 13 surgeries!

Why did you want to marry “Swami” Ramdev?

I want to marry Swami Ramdev because I feel he is a hot person.... Whenever he does yoga, I feel that he is a very hot person… especially when he talks… I like his eyes… that glint you know… I always feel that he is giving me green signal! He attract me (sic)! Then I started doing yoga… I have lost 10 to 15kg… I heard that he said that all film-line girls are very bad… I want to show him… darling, I am not bad… I am hot like you… I just want to tell him that just touch me… just feel me… touch my heart… touch me…you know, like? Hmmm… I am crazy about Baba. I started doing yoga after I saw him.... I am trying to meet him… but he is always doing lots of stuff… and I don’t know how to contact him. Very soon I am going to meet him. I am calling Swami Ramdev on my show!

If he turns you down how hurt will you be?

I don’t know what his response will be… he does not like the filmi girls… but I want to show him ke agar woh aag hain, main bhi aag hoon… agar woh paani hain toh main… I am also water. Main tezaab hoon… yeah… he attract me a lot… I am really crazy about him. I want to meet him… I want to tell him that film industry girls are not bad… Come on, before the marriage he can do affair with me if he wants.

If Ramdev doesn’t happen, who are the other bachelors for Rakhi Sawant?

Right now he is in my heart… I don’t want to talk about anyone else. Every night I am dreaming about him.

Aamir Khan has recently said that the time for item boys is here. Who is your favourite item boy?

I feel three of the Khans are my favourite item boys and I want to do one item number with three of the Khans… Sheila aur Munni aur sabko paani kum chai banaa doongi… unka paani nikaal doongi. Trust me. I will do such a nice item number ke unke six six packs, my eight pack. After doing yoga, my tummy has become totally flat. You can see my four pack right now… if I get an item number with the Khans, then I will continue with six to seven packs.

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