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Derek O'Brien

Humbled, honoured and overjoyed to be one of 16 MPs to represent Bengal in the Rajya Sabha. Even though I have already been elected, I will take the oath on August 19 after the term of the outgoing members is completed. Some of you have mailed or tweeted asking if all this means I am quitting the quiz world. Of course not. I will cut down on stage events (my colleagues do over a thousand quiz shows annually without me already!). Researching books and hosting TV quizzes will go right ahead. Who was it that said ‘you are never too old to learn’? True. Over the next few months one wishes to orient oneself with the procedures and rules of the distinguished House. A friend jokingly asked: would Question Hour be more difficult than asking quiz questions? Would Delhi be more ruthless than Calcutta? I do not have the answers to these and other questions. Will live. And learn.


1. Which country is the world’s second biggest exporter of cotton?

Mehuli Bose, Calcutta

2. What title did MF Hussain give to his series of paintings on Madhuri Dixit?

Divya Kaur, Jamshedpur

3. Which famous fair is held at the foot of Mount Girnar in the city of Junagadh in Gujarat during the festival of Mahashivratri?

Raunak Banerjee, Howrah

4. According to a report in Forbes magazine, July 1987, which is the most precise and therefore most suitable language for computer software?

Chaiti Ghosh, Birbhum

5. During the reign of which king was the Brihadeswara Temple, the world’s first granite temple, built at Thanjavur?

Dripto Das, Calcutta

6. What is called ‘dastar’ in Punjab and ‘pheta’ in Maharashtra?

Pulak Majumdar, Orissa

7. The scientific name of which snake literally means ‘snake-eater’?

Gargi Chatterjee, Calcutta

8. Which Unesco World Heritage Site in India took more than 14 years to be built but functioned as a capital for only around 10 years?

Moinak Das, email

9. Which item of India’s national pride was based upon a design by Pingali Venkayya?

Ishita Sen Sharma, Calcutta


On August 23, 1954, the Chairman of the House, Dr S Radhakrishnan made an announcement that the Council of States would now be called ‘Rajya Sabha’ in Hindi.


Which is the only country in the world to issue stamps that don’t have the country of origin printed on them?

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Winner of the Answer and Win

Quiz published on 10.07.11

Ishita Sen Sharma, Calcutta

Who was the first cricketer to score a century on his first Test debut and also his last Test?

The answer is: Greg Chappel

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1. India
2. Fida
3. Bhavnath Mahadev Fair
4. Sanskrit
5. Rajaraja Chola
6. Turban
7. King Cobra
8. Fatehpur Sikri
9. Indian Flag

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