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Sunday , June 26 , 2011
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‘I have never shot any explicit scene’
Last year, he bagged an award as Auro a 13-year-old boy caught in an ageing body in Paa. Now Amitabh Bachchan hopes to wow audiences as a senior citizen who is at heart a 25-year-old in Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap (I am not old, but ...  | Read.. 
Big Brother’s snooping
Are you gay? Brother’s sent money from abroad? Planning a trip to Mauritius? Not been keeping well? And you think all t ...  | Read.. 
Paradise regained
The old wooden gate leads to an old house that appears frozen in time. This is where the Gunjoos live, and where they have be ...  | Read.. 
It’s war time, folks
Basharat Peer wasn’t quite worried where his volume would be placed in bookshops and libraries when he wrote Curfewed ...  | Read.. 
From AB to celeb baby
celebrity circus
“Not nana, I’m going to be a dada.” To most others he messaged a courteous, “Many thanks.& ...  | Read.. 
Ash can be proud to be pregnant
Ram rajya
Tagore’s trail
Sweet & sour
Tata test
Tittle tattle
‘I have never shot any explicit scene’
Talking sport
Spanish sounds
Street art
No hard feelings
‘I have no faith in the political system in India. I have no faith in any political party’