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The girl with the winged tattoo

She’s got tattoos on her nape and ankle. She does yoga for her fab frame and she thinks her sex appeal lies in her attitude. The edgy Kangana Ranaut shares her personal style and fitness regimen with t2.

What do you do to stay fit?

I do yoga regularly. I’ve been doing it for five years now under yoga guru Surya Narayan and I think this has primarily helped me with my fitness. I also do a bit of gym — weights and cardio — and try and eat healthy. I spend about half an hour in the gym.

Do you love doing yoga?

I enjoy my yoga. But, of course, there are days when I just want to sleep and give it a miss. It takes a lot of will power on those days to keep going (laughs)!

What’s the first thing you have in the morning?

I have a cup of black coffee with some toast.

What does your diet consist of?

I don’t really go on a diet unless there’s a role for which I need to. I like home food. Breakfast would be fruits and eggs. I have a glass of vegetable juice mid-morning. Lunch is chapati, dal, sabzi. If I’m out, it would be Chinese — steamed dim sum, greens, chicken soup. Dinner is grilled fish or chicken.

Do you ever overindulge?

Definitely! My sister makes awesome cakes these days, so that’s a treat.

In which film do you think you looked fittest?

I’ve always been fit.

You were super glam in Fashion and Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, and then you went for the tough cop look in Game. Which has been your favourite?

Tanu Weds Manu. Tanu was very much like me in real life. In terms of styling, I enjoyed my look in Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai. That was very complex but great fun!

What is your look and styling in Double Dhamaal?

It’s a fun look, styled by Reza Sharaffi. He had also styled me in Tanu Weds Manu and Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai.

What’s most important in your personal style?

Comfort! Off screen, I mostly dress for comfort.

Your sex appeal lies in...

My attitude.

How does your tattoo add to your sex appeal?

My tattoo (on the nape) is a pair of wings with a crown and a sword running through it. It symbolises a warrior angel. It’s a part of me now!

What kind of a shopper are you?

I’m a shopaholic. I love clothes and definitely indulge in shopping whenever I get time.

Your favourite designers...

I like so many! Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Dior.... Among Indian designers, I like the work of my friends Reza Sharaffi and Rajat Tangri.

How do you like to accessorise?

It depends on the outfit. But a good pair of sunglasses, bag and shoes make all the difference. I’m not much of a jewellery or watch girl, but sometimes an outfit demands it.

Five things we’ll find in your bag...

Lip balm, perfume, phone, iPod and chewing gum.

And the bag is usually a…

It varies. Right now, it’s Prada.

Celebrity tattoo artist Sameer Patange on inking Kangana:

Kangana came to us in February. At that point, she already had a badly done crown and wings on her nape. She had got them a year and a half ago and was very unhappy about it. So she came for a cover-up job. She wanted a very Victorian, regal crown with angelic wings. I suggested if we could give her a sword passing through it. Since the sword depicts a queen’s pride, she felt it would show her pride in herself and her family. The tattoo, which I did in black, took about two hours to make though I had worked on it for a week. Kangana instantly fell in love with it and also decided to get a second tattoo done that very day. That one was to be on her left ankle. It was a Cupid which, according to her, portrayed her childish side. This one did have a hint of colour.

Being a star, I had expected a lot of tantrums from Kangana but she went through the pain like a pro!

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