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Twist ‘’ Turn

BHARADVAJASANA or the Seated Sage Pose is a seated lateral spinal twist, which can be traced back to sage Bharadvaja, the father of Dronacharya. The performance of Bharadvajasana relies purely on the flexibility of the performer. Here are a few tips to help you strike the right pose.


Pose 1

Sitting in Sukhasana, the easy seated posture, place both palms on the floor on either side of the body. Straighten your spine, open the width of your chest wall, look tall and breathe normally.






Pose 2

Now stretch your legs with your fingers webbed out on the floor to support your weight.





Pose 3

Slowly bend your legs and bring the feet to the left side of your body. Let them remain out of the body and allow the spine to tilt to the right. The arrangement of the ankles and feet is important in Bharadvajasana. So, place left foot flat on top of the right foot so that they cross on top of each other. The left foot should be vertical (Virasana) and the right one should be horizontal to your trunk.






Pose 4

Now extend your left arm across so that the palm rests on your right thigh, close to the knee, while your right hand extends to the back behind your buttocks with the right palm touching the floor. With this posture, the body automatically turns to the right in a
mild twist.






Pose 5

Stretch you left palm as far behind the right buttock as possible, causing your shoulders to turn too, using the whole anterior and posterior trunk in the twist. Now, extend the twist by pulling the right side of the waist to the left and the left dorsal muscles to the right.





Pose 6

Now, repeat the same process of twisting to the right.

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