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Monday , April 4 , 2011
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Mirror Mirror

Jennifer Aniston’s sharply angled graduated bob — for which she ditched her famous Rachel cut — sent a collective gasp of surprise through the world of hair design. Now we know the Friends lady is not yet done with turning heads by reworking her luscious locks. While one half of the hair frat thinks the new style has sent her hurtling prematurely into middle age, the other half is hailing her experimental spirit. In the world of glamour, constantly reinventing yourself adds more years to your career and the least drastic route to a renovation has always been a haircut. Here’s a list of some famous faces (with the criteria you need to try their style) who know just how to let their tresses talk...


Selena Gomez

This PYT with her dimpled smile and thick, long, dark locks has a style that is daintily layered and then textured on the edges to give it an airy feel. Pin it up or let it

cascade down over a shoulder — whichever way you wear it, it’s a winner.

Face shape: Round, oval or heart.

Type of hair: Thick, voluminous and lustrous.

Styling aid: Serum and styling mousse.

Styling tip: Use a flat brush to get maximum shine.

Justin Bieber

The teen singing sensation’s hairstyle, with its fringe and pageboy cut inclination, is reminiscent of the Beatles’ mop. The layers cut into it; lots of product, regular trims, a blow-dry and plenty of attitude is what gives it a lighter, more contemporary, look.

Face shape: Oval, square and oblong.

Type of hair: Fine and straight.

Styling aid: Light mousse.

Styling tip: Blow-dry your hair with your head bent slightly forward and apply the product in the direction the hair falls.


Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapur

Their on again-off again relationship status notwithstanding, Priyanka and Shahid are a royal match in the Bru coffee advertisement. Shahid, with his new, shorter, lightly layered and heavily textured hair, and Priyanka with her sharply sliced, face-framing layered cut have got the small screen sizzling and the cool quotient hitting the ceiling.

Face shape for Shahid’s style: Heart or oval.

Type of hair: Thick and straight.

Styling aid: Wet gel.

Styling tip: Gel from the roots to tips, so that the hair doesn’t fall flat.

Face shape for Priyanka’s style: Oval, heart or round.

Type of hair: Medium to very thick and straight.

Styling aid: Serum and a hot iron fluid.

Styling tip: Apply hot iron fluid on your hair for protection and also to make it shiny. Iron the hair for maximum effect.

Michelle Williams

She may have been pipped at the Oscars by Natalie Portman but her hair romp won all the style accolades. This short pixie cut with its temperamental hither-I-go-and-thither-I-want-to bangs lends a patina to the enigmatic Blue Valentine star that is hard to duplicate. However, if not trying too hard is your thing and if you match the following criteria, go for it!

Face shape: Delicately oval or heart.

Type of hair: Medium thickness and straight.

Styling aid: Hair mousse.

Styling tip: Apply mousse on the fringe area and iron it.


It’s bold. It’s bodacious. And it’s bright red. Rihanna’s medium-length, asymmetrically cut Titian tresses gave her the push she needed to set the stage on fire at the recent Grammy Awards. Gelled into an unyielding mohawk or blow-dried for a soft, feminine look, this cut rocks.

Face shape: Square or oval.

Type of hair: Thick and straight.

Styling aid: Serum and blow-dry fluid.

Styling tip: Use the serum mixed with the blow-dry fluid.


Bradley Cooper

Those Greek-god looks of Bradley Cooper gave us women a serious Hangover. His icy-blue eyes coupled with a medium-length, softly layered haircut that worked with the naturally wavy texture of his tresses catapulted this young actor straight into the casual chic icon category.

Face shape: Triangular or oblong.

Type of hair: Fine and wavy.

Styling aid: Leave-on conditioner.

Styling tip: Run your fingers through the hair when semi-dry and let nature do the rest.

Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman

Some shave their heads to escape balding, some because they want to show off their well-shaped skulls. Whatever be the reason, a bald pate coupled with some creative work on the facial hair — like a goatee or angled side locks — can look hot! Check out the shorn heads of the men behind MTV’s Roadies — brothers Raghu and Rajiv — and you will know exactly why many are choosing to shine on. This is a high-maintenance look, as the head will need a shave most everyday.

Face shape: Square or oval.


Deepika Padukone

From the Sadhana fringe in Om Shanti Om to the sensuous windblown wisps in Dum Maaro Dum to the artfully casual look that is so uniquely hers, this girl has made a mark and how! The style she is now sporting is easy-going and low-maintenance. Her hair can be swept up into a pretty ponytail or twisted and turned into a neat up-style should a formal occasion demand the Padukone babe to look like a million bucks without having to spend a penny.

Face shape: Heart or oval.

Type of hair: Fine and slightly wavy.

Styling aid: Mousse but very little so as to prevent the hair from flopping.

Styling tip: Thin hair shouldn’t be over-styled, doing so will make it look limp and tired.

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