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Wednesday , March 2 , 2011
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My father was in the army and we used to shift base every two years. As a kid I used to be very naughty. I was the class monitor right from the time I was in kindergarten. That was more because I was unstoppable and was always up to some mischief if I was not given some responsibility. I studied in Lucknow and Bareilly, though after Class VII, I went to the US.

As a child, I was a very bright student. Even my teachers wondered how I managed to score 95 to 98 per cent. In the US, I studied in Honours Society, which allowed only students with an above-90 score. However, after I returned to India and took up science in college, it was so pressurising that my marks went down.

In the US, I lived with my aunt and she’d dress me in very loose and shapeless clothes so that I didn’t draw much attention. We were a group of four friends. All four of us were from traditional backgrounds — Afghan, African, Chinese and Indian. I remember, in the US, the whites and blacks would hang out in separate groups. We had one white friend, though, who’d get trendy clothes for us. We’d dress up in those, wear make-up like superstars and go out. When it was time to go home, we’d get back into our shapeless clothes again!

We were very popular in school because we took part in extra-curricular activities. I have a younger brother and I have no qualms confessing that I bully him a lot. But at the same time, I love him very much.

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