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Father: Well kids, did you help your mother with the washing?

First kid: Yes, dad, I washed the dishes.

Second kid: And I dried the dishes.

Third kid: And I swept away the broken pieces.

Anant Kothari, Class VI, St Xavier’s Collegiate School, Calcutta


Rita: What does a cow read at bedtime?

Suman: Dairy tales.

Harshit Desai, Class VI, The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society, Calcutta


Sam: Grandpa, do you have any teeth?

Grandpa: No, Sam. They have all fallen.

Sam: Then will you hold these nuts for me?

Aditya Saha, Class VI, St Xavier’s Institution, Sodepur, Calcutta


Ramesh: Have your teeth been checked?

Sumesh: No, they are white!

Haradhan Mohanto, Class VIII, Vidhya Bhawan School, Dimapur, Nagaland


One dark and silent night, a police- man heard some noise coming from one of the houses. Creeping near the window, he hears two voices.

First person: You cut the neck, I’ll cut the hands.

Second person: No, you won’t be able to cut the hands. I have more practice. You try the neck.

Policeman (barging in): Stop! What are you up to?

First person: Just cutting this cloth to make a shirt. After all, we’re tailors!

Rohit Mondal, Class VI, National Gems Higher Secondary School, Calcutta


Seema: What should we call a third version of the Nano?

Mohit: Sodium nitrate.

Seema: Why?

Mohit: It will be NaNo3, that’s why!

Soheli Tarafdar, Class VII, Ram Mohan High School, Calcutta


Chintu: Why are you crying?

Rintu: I didn’t get a letter in English this time.

Chintu: So what? I’ll write a letter in English to you.

Neelesh Pal, Class V, National High School for Boys, Calcutta


Ratul: If the lights go out, how will we watch TV?

Mina: We’ll simply light a candle.

Bajrang Ojha, Class VI, I.P. Memorial School, Howrah, West Bengal


Customer: I bought this computer from you yesterday but was really upset when I opened it at home.

Shopkeeper: Why? It’s absolutely in order.

Customer: Of course not! The letters in the keyboard are all jumbled up.

Krittika Paul, Class VII, Bidya Bharati Girls’ High School, Calcutta


Sanjay: Can you make seven an even number?

Rahul: But that’s not possible; seven is an odd number.

Sanjay: Simply remove the letter ‘‘s’’.

Manaswita Buragohain, Class VII, Holy Name, Sivasagar, Assam

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