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Monday , December 6 , 2010
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‘Bigg Boss brings out the worst in everyone’

Everyone thought he would win. But in a shock eviction, Manoj Tiwari was ousted from Bigg Boss on Friday night...

All these months you kept saying that you would be one of the Bigg Boss finalists. How do you feel being ousted just nine weeks into the show?

To be honest, I haven’t felt so relaxed in a long time. Mujhe lagta hai ki maine sadiyaan bitaa di Bigg Boss ke ghar mein (I feel I have spent a lifetime in the Bigg Boss house). Unlike the others, I never really tried too hard to stay on in the house. In fact, I lost interest after the first four weeks itself. I was very depressed and I kept praying to god to get me out of there as soon as possible.

But why?

First, 96 days is too long a time to be cut off from the world. Time becomes the biggest punishment in Bigg Boss. There is nothing to do inside. You can talk to people, but can you talk for 24 hours through 96 days?

Also, I have never seen so many two-faced people at the same time in the same house. Everyone is ready to do anything to stay on in the show. After a while, I started feeling claustrophobic. Dum ghut ta tha mera wahan pe. Look at how Ashmit Patel is behaving with these two girls (Sara and Veena). Kabhi iske saath toh kabhi uske. You all see only a one-hour programme every day. I had to see it 24x7. Wahan pe rehna aur yeh sab dekhna mere liye mushkil ho gaya tha.

Although I admit that I did enjoy the game in the beginning, once Dolly (Bindra) came in, she created a poisonous environment in the house. I wanted to take voluntary exit from the house on many days. Even those I considered my friends — like Shweta (Tiwari) and Sameer (Soni) — turned against me for no apparent reason. Ashmit Patel played dirty games and turned my friends against me. Ashmit, Veena and Sara are the most shrewd people in Bigg Boss. Woh log kabhi bhi apne matlab ke liye palti maar sakte hain (They can go back on their words anytime for their own selfish reasons). I am a good judge of people and I know who is what in Bigg Boss.

But you misjudged your friends Shweta and Sameer thinking they had nominated you this week when it was actually Seema Parihar who had…

I am very shocked at what Seema has done. I considered her my elder sister and she betrayed me. Not only did she nominate me, she also kept quiet about it when I was accusing Shweta and Sameer of nominating me! As I said, you can’t really tell what goes on in that house. Bigg Boss brings out the worst in everyone.

But didn’t you get into the show knowing all this?

I knew about it, but you only realise how bad it can get when you stay in the house. There is plotting and planning at every level. Ashmit behaved like a friend and then stabbed me in the back. Seema betrayed me and so did Shweta and Sameer. I cannot stoop to their level and that’s why I am here today. And I am happy about it.

Who do you think will win?

Khali is popular and has a good chance. Shweta can also win.

Give a chance, would you like to go back?

Never in a million years. Koi sau crore bhi de toh main waapas nahin jaunga! Once is more than enough.

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