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Saturday , October 16 , 2010
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Rivals want bungalow, not House for Nitish

Adversaries of Nitish Kumar are indicating that the chief minister has already decided on the house he will move into after “he faces defeat” in the Assembly polls. They have even identified house number 7, Circular Road, and claimed that elaborate renovation is going on at the sprawling bungalow. Political gossip does not actually name Nitish Kumar as the new resident of the bungalow. There is a subtle hint. “The man whose car number has 007,” said an RJD leader. he number obviously is of a car at the CM’s house. The Nitish government passed a Bill in the Assembly earlier this year, allowing a bungalow each to all former CMs of the state. His political rivals Lalu and Paswan summarised the Bill as “Nitish’s insecurity as he knows that he will be defeated in the Assembly polls”. Lalu Prasad went on to say that Nitish should look for a suitable house for himself while he is in the CM's chair. JD (U) leaders dismissed the comments. “Laluji should be happy that Nitish Kumar has made sure that his Barey Bhai (read Lalu) is not rendered homeless for the rest of his life. Lalu’s complain is that he should be given two bungalows -- one for himself and the other for Rabri,” remarked a senior JD (U) leader.

All about numbers

Just before the Lok Sabha polls, chief minister Nitish Kumar promised to bowl out the RJD-LJP alliance on “zero”. He won an impressive 32 out of 40 seats. The RJD got just four seats and the LJP was actually bowled out for zero with its chief Ram Vilas Paswan suffering defeat at Hajipur. This time, Nitish and his deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi are promising to keep the RJD-LJP alliance at “single-digit figures”. This has enraged Paswan. “We will bowl out the NDA for zero,” the LJP chief declared. “It is quite a tall claim considering the fact that there are 243 seats. We cannot even keep the Congress at zero,” mocked a JD (U) leader.

Taste of betrayal

Left out in the cold and with no friends to defend his frequent flip-flop, JD (U) MP Purnamasi Ram is searching for words to vent his anger against the Congress and Nitish Kumar who both denied a ticket to his son. “Nitish Kumar is Hitler and the Congress is feudal. The Congress is anti-Dalit. It has insulted a Dalit by first giving a ticket and than withdrawing it,” he said. However, the MP has no sympathisers. “He has betrayed our trust so many times,” remarked an RJD leader. Ram was in the RJD till 2005.

Time for some dandiya

Fith Durga Puja celebrations reaching its peak and several dandiya events being organised across the capital, it was time for a cooldown for ticket-seekers and their followers. Still hopeful ticket-seekers on Thursday decided to leave their protests and visit the pandals instead. There, too, they were faced with the problem of non-availability of tickets. A poll ticket-seeker approached a media house which was organising a mega dandiya event and asked for entry tickets so that he and his followers could enjoy the show. “I have not been given a ticket by my party so far. But you can give me a ticket for the show,” the ticket aspirant told the organisers.
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