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Thursday , September 23 , 2010
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What men want

They drive Lamborghinis. They race each other on Harley Davidsons. They host barbecue parties on a yacht. They hang out at the hippest nightclubs. They live in a swank pad. They date the hottest women. All in Bangkok — and for free!

Four young men are having the time of their lives on MF 101, a just-off-the-blocks reality show on MTV (Saturday at 10pm) which is pulling out all the stops to fulfil the wildest fantasies of its contestants.

MF 101 is about living the XXL life, about experiencing everything that you never thought was possible even in your wildest dreams,” says Aditya Swamy, senior vice president, sales and marketing, MTV India. “These four guys are the envy of every man in this country. They just have to name a fantasy and we are fulfilling it,” says Swamy. “We zeroed in on the four contestants after a series of auditions carried out in all the major Indian cities.”

In a format where nobody fights, nobody bitches, nobody plots and nobody backstabs, MF 101 will have no host, no competition and no vote-out. “It’s simply an aspirational show, a fantasy-meets-reality format where the contestants are tested on their ability to have a good time!” laughs Swamy.

When they are not partying the night away, these four young men have a souped-up mansion at their disposal. Flat-screen television sets, giant Bose speakers, a well-stocked bar, a gigantic swimming pool, an indoor basketball court, their address in Bangkok has all this — and more. And oh yes, they also have four sizzling women as chauffeur, gardener, cook and maid!

Living out the fantasies of every man are television anchor Ankit Vengulerkar, DJ Rohan Sapra, entrepreneur Harpreet Baweja and model Sahil Salathya. “The show is about four buddies having no-holds-barred fun. When it comes to women, we have the hottest; when it comes to wheels, we have the fastest; when it comes to wallets, we have the thickest,” laughs Ankit whose wildest fantasies are as eclectic as starring in a Megan Fox film, swimming with sharks and going war reporting with Christiane Amanpour!

For 27-year-old Harpreet, MF 101 has been an all-access pass to the good life. “When I heard the concept of the show for the first time, I knew that I had to be on it. It’s like living a dream and I have not only been able to live out my most cherished fantasies, but have also made three good friends on the show,” says Harpreet whose fantasies range from climbing Mount Everest to being in the Kill Bill fight scene with Uma Thurman to running the Playboy empire! So has he been able to fulfil any on MF 101? “Just wait and watch,” smiles Harpreet.

What drew Delhi boy Rohan Sapra to MF 101 was the “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live life king-size.” “One of my biggest fantasies has been to go on a long drive with a beautiful girl in the world’s fastest car and when I got to experience that on the show, I was super thrilled!” smiles Rohan. “MF 101 is somewhere between Hangover and (television show) The Entourage, both of which I loved. There was no way I wasn’t going to be on it,” he says.

Bringing up the rear is 22-year-old model Sahil Salathya who signed up for the show “just to have an awesome time!” “And that’s what I have done on MF 101. What I have experienced in a month is enough to last a lifetime,” smiles Sahil.

Hey guys, don’t women have fantasies too? “That’s for next season. Watch out for that one,” says Swamy. Well, we are waiting!

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